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.Net Development Company   Develop power-packed apps with .net technology and get ready today for the challenges of tomorrow. With Oneteam’s expertise and conviction in asp net application development services, enjoy a range of powerful, tailored programming models perfect for your business needs, set off by the extensive API set from asp .net. With Oneteam […]

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Java Vs .Net
Java Vs .Net : Here’s What You Need To Know

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Every individual who has been to the software industry would have certainly heard of Java and .Net. They are two of the leading technologies used for the development of desktop and server-side applications.

Now, we are going to do is a comparison between a programming language (Java) and a framework (.Net). You might have heard people referring to both, Java and.Net as frameworks. Out of the two, only .Net is actually a framework. The .Net platform uses the ASP.NET as a web application framework with which developers create web applications.

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Angular 5 Or React : How To Choose One For The Front-End Development Of Your Project
Angular 5 Or React : How To Choose One For The Front-End Development Of Your Project?

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It is through your website that users get a look at your business or your brand online. By exploring through it, the different inner pages, they get an idea of what you do, what you offer, how long you have been in the industry and so on; in fact, your website gives them all the information they need about you. So, you need to have a vibrant one. Making use of the front-end technologies, developers work on creating one for you.

The front end of a website, the part which the users see, such as the colours, fonts, drop-down menus, sliders and the various styles, all appear before them when developers combine HTML, JavaScript and CSS together.

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Security Tips To Protect Magento E-commerce Website From Hackers
Top Security Tips To Protect Your Magento E-commerce Website From Hackers

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Nowadays the number of new online stores keeps on increasing. Businesses and brands are doing everything they can to stay ahead of the competition.

Most of the e-commerce websites that you will find today are built using Magento. It is an open source e-commerce platform; which means it can be downloaded for free and then coded to customize it based on one’s requirement.

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Tips For Preparing Your E-commerce Business For The Holiday Season
5 Tips For Preparing Your E-commerce Business For The Holiday Season

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Is your website ready for the holiday season? Here are a few tips to help you when it comes to doing great business, the one time that you can count on is during the holidays.

In the US, the online sales during Black Friday have soared up to 90%; with the figures expected to keep rising! You get the point right? Yes, all of these sales happen during the holiday season. That’s because, people go crazy shopping then, and with some jaw-dropping offer advertisements and some discounts, one could boost up their sales and so their business too. Before we get to all that is your website ready to handle that entire load? If not, then here are a few tips to help you out.

Tips To Help Your Business Ready For The Holiday Season

  • No last-minute website modifications and upgrades

    You pretty well know about the holiday seasons. So plan accordingly. Do not wait for the last minute to plan and then rush off to make changes on your e-commerce website. Your website is the face of your online, and any works done in haste will definitely cause some problems. So plan ahead. Stay ahead.

  • Strengthen the security for your website

    The user needs to feel that he is protected from fraud while making an online purchase. No user would want his credit card information in the hands of another person. So use the latest encryption technology and also may obtain the SSL certificate to strengthen the security of your website.

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Angular JS and ASP.NET Could Influence Future of Web Development
How Angular JS And ASP.NET Could Influence Future Of Web Development

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If ever there is a constant when it comes to technology and its applications, then it has to be the change that keeps occurring from time to time. A key element in the introduction of changes is the so-called generational shifts that take place in the use of technology. These changes are more drastic than the day to day variations and point to new thinking in the field.

The relevance of future web development is the coming of age of the mobile apps. There is a dominance of the smartphones when it comes to surfing the web as compared to the more common use of the desktops of the earlier days. Thus it is only reasonable that changes are considered to target the mobile user better as the future of the Internet lies in the hands of the user.

The Coming To The Scene Of The Angular JS Platform

The most notable feature of the applications built with the Angular JS frameworks is the quick responses they provide and the dynamic nature of their performance. Considering that increasingly there is the pressing need to have real-time generated reports and such features, the Angular JS is just right to take over the further development of the applications for the web.

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AI in E-commerce
Business Intelligence Approach To AI By Leading E-commerce Firms

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2018 is a year full of surprises, and we have seen advancement and changes occurring in e-commerce, as well. Artificial Intelligence is really taking over the world. AI is everywhere now, particularly in the eCommerce sector. And this article is focusing on four leading e-commerce firms and their use of AI.

AI And E-commerce Sector

In the April 2017 letter, Bezos Amazon CEO, says:

“Big trends are not that hard to spot (they get talked about and written a lot), but they can be strangely hard for large organizations to embrace. We’re in the middle of an obvious one right now: machine learning and artificial intelligence.”

“Artificial intelligence will revolutionize how businesses compete and grow, representing an entirely new factor of production that can ignite corporate profitability,” said Paul Daugherty, chief technology & innovation officer, Accenture.

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Node.js As Backend
How And Why Should U Go For Node.js As Your Backend

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Node.js is a lean, fast cross-platform application runtime environment that allows you to server-side applications built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Actually, 98% of tech giants like PayPal, LinkedIn, Netflix, Airbnb, Walmart, Uber, and even NASA uses Node.js. And of course, smaller tech startups have built their platforms using Node.js and increasingly more enterprise companies are migrating their platforms from legacy code to the more robust and streamlined Node.

As Wikipedia states: “Node.js is a packaged compilation of Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, the libuv platform abstraction layer, and a core library, which is itself primarily written in JavaScript.” Beyond that, Ryan Dahl, the inventor of Node.js, was aiming to devise a system for building websites with real-time push capability “inspired by applications like Gmail”. In short, event-driven programming is the heart of Node. That is, Node.js is a programming tool for working in the non-blocking to make 2-way connection websites (client and server) with free data exchange, unlike the previous “request/response” programming.

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Laravel For Next Custom PHP Web App
Why You Should Consider Laravel For Next Custom PHP Web App

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Without putting extra time and effort, we have a need to choose the right PHP framework to develop custom web applications. Laravel is an option to choose as it comes with a number of features that facilitates rapid web application development. Laravel is known as the free open source web framework of PHP which is created mainly for the web applications.

With its advanced features and development tools Laravel scores over other web frameworks. The main features of the Laravel are the diverse ways of access to the relational databases, deployment and maintenance of applications, modular packaging system which has a dependency manager dedicated to it, etc. It enables developers to keep the application maintainable by writing clean, structured and reusable code.

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New in Angular 6
What’s New In Angular 6?

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The speculations are over. The new buzz in the digital town is about the release of Google’s new JavaScript Framework Angular 6. As expected, it is advance to its predecessor, Angular 5, and released with great features like Angular Elements, new Schematics, Angular CLI 6, PWA and Material 6. Angular v6 is the first release of Angular that combines the Framework, CLI, and Material.

Angular 6 has given more emphasis on the toolchain instead of the underlying framework, which indeed makes it easier to move quickly with Angular in the future.

As a Google JavaScript framework for app development, the Angular v6 release is truly standing to its expectations.

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