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As cloud adoption continues to convene thrushing, optimizing and managing cloud infrastructure resources and applications suits carping to bring off expected cloud thrifts. One Team’s Azure Managed Services team is comprised of developers with the skills, creativity, initiative and expertise to handle your Azure environments,to build reliable, fully functional, and is customized to your business brand and your target audience.

If you're considering migrating to Microsoft Azure, the name you can trust is One Team. We keep an eye on directly to preside over Azure workloads, impart and bring together single pane of glass for all Microsoft infrastructure, and management of applications across Azure, Microsoft private and Hybrid environments.

One Team proffer Cloud for Azure liaise with the flexibility, scalability, and potential of the Azure cloud platform with One Team’s top-notch support and accountable services. This gets enterprise customers running in their new Azure environments never-failing, reliable with less oncosts, and more foreseeable.

One Team can lead you through onboarding the Azure ecosystem and ensuring your Azure cloud infrastructure meets the all hereafter demands of your organization and be a part of ongoing optimization, governance, monitoring, security, orchestration and never-failing support. One Team also renders unique experience in the management of public, private and hybrid IT cloud environments, let you to tune a solution perfect for your organization.

One Team Managed Microsoft Azure Services is Ideal for:

  • New applications for the cloud
  • Planned Azure cloud migrations
  • Rapid Projects
  • Development and test environments
  • Application migration, including re-factoring, rehosting and re-platforming
  • Disaster recovery (DR) and high-availability (HA) architecture
  • Data backup and data storage
  • Business analytics and database
  • Business applications
  • Digital transformation and websites
  • Datacenter migrations
  • Content delivery and digital marketing
  • 2003 end of life planning

One Team Managed Microsoft Azure Services Spotlights:

  • Enable and Manage Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure: Capacity optimization between Azure and on-Premise Infrastructure
  • Development & Test Environments: Manage rapid deployment and shutdown of development and test environments for application projects.
  • SharePoint: Deploy and manage your SharePoint environments on Azure
  • SQL Server and Storage: Deploy and Manage SQL and Storage Infrastructure on Azure
  • Active Directory Services: Deploy and Manage Secure Identity services using Active Directory Services across Azure and on-premise
  • Manage Mobile app back-end storage and on-premise integration on Azure

One Team Managed Microsoft Azure Services Features

  • 24/7 Support – always available for issue response and resolution, supported by industry-leading SLAs and our ITIL-based service management portal.
  • Cloud Lifecycle Management - Future-proof architecture planning, implementation, migration, operation and optimization.
  • Deeper Security - Advanced monitoring, customized governance, and data policy management to meet security and compliance requirements.
  • Cost optimization – Competitive pricing, plus access to Datapipe Azure Purchasing and Finance Desk for financial optimization and guidance.
  • Simpler billing – Single-vendor billing, consolidating multiple Azure, Stratosphere, or Private Cloud for Microsoft accounts on one bill.
  • Full-Spectrum Account Management - Managed security, provisioning, scaling, backup, database, OS, network, and storage services.
  • Azure Management for the Entire Plan/Build/Run Cycle

    When you're ready to launch on Azure, One Team's team of experienced engineers will associate with you to develop and implement your custom plan that accounts to tune a solution perfect for your organization. Our team also assist for your existing Azure deployments to optimize your application, compute, data, or network services.

    Our Windows Azure Team are tech-obsessed. Are you in need of a polished, flawless, native Website, then we invite you to contact our Microsoft Azure Development team today!.