Top Security Tips To Protect Your Magento E-commerce Website From Hackers

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Security Tips To Protect Magento E-commerce Website From Hackers

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Nowadays the number of new online stores keeps on increasing. Businesses and brands are doing everything they can to stay ahead of the competition.

Most of the e-commerce websites that you will find today are built using Magento. It is an open source e-commerce platform; which means it can be downloaded for free and then coded to customize it based on one's requirement.

Amidst all of its popularity, there is one thing that lands the businesses in trouble; the problems caused by hackers. Since the platform gained popularity, the number of times e-commerce websites built using Magento was hacked, saw a rise. Now, hackers hack into websites for several reasons. Whatever be the reason, it is one's duty to make sure that his or her website is well protected.

Tips To Protect Your Magento E-commerce Websites From Hacker Attacks

Stay Ahead Of The Hackers In The Game. Be Up-To-Date!
Magento has frequent updates that send out patches to enhance the security level of the platform, for general maintenance and other bug fixes. Always ensure that you update all of these and keep your website platform you use up-to-date. Another important aspect is to regularly back-up your website. Staying up-to-date will help protect your website from getting hacked. In case it hacked for some reason, then the backed-up website would help you get back on track with no loss of data!

Use a strong password
The major reason why you require a password is that others cannot guess their way through to your website. So when you create a password, make sure that you create a strong one which is very hard to guess. Another important point that you should keep in mind is that to change your password periodically. Also, never say "yes" to the pop-up that asks if the login credentials should be saved.

Make effective use of the two-factor authentication
The two-factor authentication was introduced to keep hackers pranks at bay. The two-factor authentication procedure asks for an additional one-time password; which is very often a code that is sent to your personal device linked with the account. This process adds another layer of security to ensure that it is you who is accessing the website and not some random hacker.

Use the encrypted SSL for your website
Adding the Secure Socket Layer will help in winning the trust from your users when they have to send their login details. In Magento, getting an HTTPS or adding the encrypted SSL is pretty simple.

Use firewall
In order to access the website and the sensitive data that it contains, hackers use a method known as SQL injection. This is done by passing coded commands to make changes in the back end of the website. A firewall application will help to keep such attacks at bay.