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Figuring out where to start is the first step in your mobile strategy roadmap. Think of Mobile Strategy as the roadmap used to define and shape the long-term goals and vision of your company. As your mobile strategy consultants before we implement any type of mobile strategy for your business, we sit with you to define your objectives:

  • What's your company's corporate objective?
  • Do you have an existing mobile strategy in place?
  • Do you have any ideas regarding how to use mobile platform to achieve these objectives?
  • What are the company's consumer mobile demographics like?
  • Is your company looking into mobile strategy as a part of improving the existing m-commerce & mobile interactive marketing or creating a new structure for better consumer interaction?

Once you answer these questions as your mobile strategy consultants we will be able to put together an effective mobile strategy into action.

Another big decision you will have to make is selecting the right mobile environment for reaching your target audience. Selecting between a responsive website (mobile website) or a custom mobile application.

Difference between Responsive website and Mobile Application.

There are many differences and similarities between mobile applications and responsive websites.

A Responsive Website is designed to dynamically fit the screen of each user device, whether it be a smartphone, feature phone, tablet or even a desktop/laptop computer. With a little effort you can convert your existing website to a responsive website.

Apps are actual applications that are downloaded onto your mobile device from the device-specific applications store. Access is gained through an icon stored on your mobile device.

A mobile website has many advantages. It is instantly accessible to users through a browser across a range of devices. Also updating content is flexible and any changes to the design and content are immediately visible. Apart from these mobile websites allow users to find your page displayed in search results and in industry-specific directories. If you have a website you can convert it into a mobile site by simply making the site responsive, this process is time and cost-effective, especially if you need to have a presence on different platforms. Mobile Strategic Partners

While considering specific or unique situations like gaming, complex calculations or reporting results are better translated in a mobile application. Mobile apps provide the ability to send push notifications to your user. Displaying advertising on your mobile app provides an opportunity to generate additional sources of revenue.

From a mobile strategy point of view, mobile applications allows your business to stand out from its competitors and build brand and recognition by connecting with your customers and cultivating customer loyalty. For internal uses it can improve productivity and cut costs by making communication, training and access to resources easier and quicker.

Mobile application also helps you focus on priorities like complexity, cost, and effect on productivity. As your mobile strategy consultants we help you to build the right dynamic platform to display your products on the mobile platform while focus on staying consistent to your values and maintain your standards.

Essential to any successful business is the customer. Catering to their needs to is a priority when developing a Mobile Strategy. It is important to not only focus on your vision for the future but your clients as well. Who are they, where are they and how can you reach them? Apps are a platform which allows you to have a direct relationship with your customer. Understanding your customer and their needs, our mobile app consulting teams can help develop your plans to continue growing, meeting and exceeding expectations.

We are mobile strategic partners of several organizations in following areas:

Having developed 250+ apps and 40+ Mobile websites. Our team has the experience that makes our work more than just about developing your custom mobile application, but in addition sharing in the your strategic approach. As a Top rated Mobile Website, iPhone and Android Application Development Company in Detroit, let us help you design your roadmap and expand your vision to reach your customers with our mobile strategies.

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