Building Scalable Web Applications with .NET Core


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Companies today build scalable web applications with a mindset to grow and expand beyond their local boundaries and scope of business.  Today .NET core can support IT developers and various companies a lot. The transformation will bring about a seamless technical process that helps a company to scale up and trigger building scalable websites profoundly. Be in part and above International standards of quality and work deliverance.

The following procedures help to build scalable web applications with.NET core:

Application Data Caching

Application Data Cashing eliminates all database bottlenecks faced by your.Net applications. NCache enables you to enable scalable web architecture in a hassle free manner. Use your existing relational database and reduce expensive database trips. You can keep using SQL server, Oracle, Azure SQL database, and their cache application data. This is performed usually in a domain object form and thereby enabling your application to manage high transaction loads with a faster response.

ASP.NET Core Session Storag

If you keep your ASP.NET core sessions in a standalone memory cache or SQL server then there are high chances of a bottleneck. SQL server storage is not an ideal choice for ASP.NET core sessions and affects its scalability and performance. These sessions can be stored in NCache as it is faster and more scalable. NCashe is distributed one and offers a key value interface with the value being an object same as an ASP.NET core session.

ASP.NET Core Response Cache Middleware: Have you had issues with your website cache? As part of building scalable web sites, some of the pages in ASP.NET core applications may face an issue. For instance, the response or content does not change across multiple requests but still has to be executed every time the request comes. This can negatively affect the performance of web server resources and reduce the scalability of the application.ASP.NET Core Response Cache Middleware mechanism can address the overheard of repetitive page execution which enables you to use NCache to cache ASP.NET core page responses for a certain time period.

ASP.NET CORE SignalR Backplane

ASP.NET Core SignalR provides real-time behavior to your.NET core applications thereby ensuring scalable web architecture and distributed systems always. The.NET core applications include voting, gaming, and social networks offering high-frequency updates from the server to the client. NCashe implementing an ASP.NET Core SignalR Backplane provider which uses pub/sub messaging features that are providing faster performance. This speeds up SignalR event propagation among the webservers and building scalable applications.

Pub/Sub Messaging

To focus on building scalable applications .NET core applications uses a Pub/Sub messaging platform that is not completely in memory and stores all messages on the disk. This can lead to a performance bottleneck for your high transaction applications. NCache offers a super fast Pub/Sub messaging which replicates all messages to another NCache server to avoid data losses.

Continuous Query Events

 These events ensure that a query always retrieves the up-to-date outcomes from a cache in real-time. It includes a query result with a continuous stream of associated events to manage the latest query result in a real-time fashion. This enables the query to be executed several times and the query results never get out of date which leads to enhanced scalability.

Building web apps with core means that the growth plans of any business can be directed toward the right direction of thought.