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Automation Testing

Our automation testing services work to understand your business and its unique requirements to make the testing process efficient, quick, and top-notch. We know how important it is for a business to effectively carry out the testing process as even a slight mismanagement or error can lead to cascades of failure. Our team is fortified with exceptional skills, insights, and technology infrastructure to deliver impeccable automation testing services that will certainly prove value-adding to you. We create outstanding testing automation strategies depending upon the clients’ needs and leverage the potential of the most suitable automation frameworks to comprehensively reduce the testing risks. Such an approach has helped us meet the expectations of the clients without fail while upholding the quality of the testing flawless.

Why Our Automation Testing

While there are many automation testing services providers one can approach to get their software programs and application tested for its performance, quality, and efficiency. However, the needs and preferences of users are changing, the competition has never been this intense, and there is not enough time to sit through days and weeks to bring your application alive.

However, a business cannot rush the application to be live, as well. This is why automation testing becomes important, and choosing the right automation partner all the more imperative.

With years of experience in the field and unrivaled insights into automation testing, we have made a name for our service offerings. And these are supported by the following singular service traits we hold close to our heart, as well.

automation testing services
  • Our unrivaled experience and expertise in the field
  • Broadly vetted team of expert engineers and strategists
  • Multiple quality assurance systems for top-notch quality
  • Highly comprehensive service offerings as per clients’ needs
  • Affordable and value-adding to clients of all sizes and scopes
  • Extensive automation technology infrastructure and systems
  • Bespoke automation testing services as per clients’ needs
  • A professional customer support for timely customer care

Combining all these elements, we also deliver the best automation services for our clients no matter what type of support they need from us.

Automation Testing
Mobile App

Is the process whereby one automates testing of an application - in this case a mobile application - which can be a site or an app. This can be done by using tools and helps in reducing the testing time cycle.

Web Application Automation Testing

Web application automated testing involves usage of various types of software automation testing tools to evaluate the performance of a website.

automation testing services
Javascript / Typescript

With the ever-expanding scope of web applications, both in terms of technology and functionality, user expectations have increased manifold. Selenium supports a number of scripting languages like C#, Java, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript, etc

Protractor | webdriver.io
Cypress | Cucumber

automation testing services

Robot Framework is a Python-based, extensible keyword-driven automation framework for acceptance testing, acceptance test driven development (ATDD), behavior driven development (BDD) and robotic process automation (RPA)

Robot framework | Selenium

automation testing services michigan

Automating Java Applications is a very vast domain as one solution does not fit all. Java Automation technique deals with code that can be used to control the execution of specific UI operations in Java.

Selenium | Appium | Page Object

automation testing services

Cucumber is an open-source software testing tool written in Ruby. Cucumber enables you to write test cases that anyone can easily understand regardless of their technical knowledge.

Selenium | cucumber

automation testing services

It is one of the faster and most universally used open-source server-side scripting languages. It has accurate & precise certification, large association, and supported frameworks.

automation testing services michigan

It is an object-oriented programming language derived from C++ and Java. C# allows developers to build applications using Visual Studio on .Net platform.

Selenium | Page Object Model

automation testing services

A multi-faceted language for the Java platform. Apache Groovy is a powerful, optionally typed and dynamic language, with static-typing and static compilation capabilities.

Katalon studio

automation testing services
ADA /Accessibility Testing

This Testing Methodology is the Testing Technique for the visually disabled resources. As part of this Testing, we follow WCAG 2.0 / 2.1 guidelines.


automation testing companies

It is a type of software testing in which the software application is tested using cloud computing services. Automation Testing can be scaled for running on cross - platforms.

Saucelab | BrowserStack

automation testing michigan

It is a software testing process used for testing the speed, response time, stability, reliability, scalability and resource usage of a software application under particular workload.

Jmeter | Loadrunner

Why Automation Testing
Over Manual Testing?

One of the major reasons automation testing is preferred over manual testing is that it provides for better quality, speed, and coverage of testing. When it comes to manual testing, the chances are high for human errors and speed of the testing can be a real challenge especially if the business is looking to beat their competition. In addition, the resources needed to execute and monitor manual testing are also high. On the other hand, automation testing does not require any sort of overseeing. Once the framework has been selected and programmed to carry out the process, it will work as directed without any human interference.

Automation Testing
Quick and Professional

As a reliable automation testing services provider, we can offer you the kind of automation testing support and service that you need no matter if you are an MNC, a mid-size technology company, or even a startup.

With our expert team working closely with you leveraging the potential of the most suitable testing framework for your business, we will help you.

In order to get more details about our services, speak to our client relations team.

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  • Requirement Understanding

    Effective Domain Knowledge to understand the Product Workflows at depth, Analyse Impact areas

  • Test Design/Coverage

    Scenarios as per Product / Business / Customer Context - Negative/Corner Cases - Test Automation Scripts Design / Traceability Matrix

  • Test Environment & Test Data Preparation

    Ensure Env Configurations/Services setup /Test Data Setup, Test Automation Framework Setup

  • Test Execution & Reporting

    Feature/Integration Tests, API & DB Testing, Prioritise based on Risks, Simulate Scenarios, Real Time Dashboards

  • Optimize Execution Cost and Time with Test Automation

    CI Jobs for Test Automation, Test Automation for Regression & Cross Platform Testing

  • Non-Functional Tests

    Server Side Performance / Client Side Non Functional Tests

  • Release SignOff

    Highlight open risks & SignOff Release

  • Knowledge Transfer and Post Deployment Support

    Sanity on Production

Our Test Automation Portfolio

Test Automation for Payment Gateway-Our Contributions

  • Built an Enterprise Level Test Automation Framework from scratch for Automating 6 Web and 7 API Applications
  • The Test Automation Hybrid Framework includes Industry Standard Page Object Model (POM), Maven Build Tool, TestNG Unit Test Framework , Extend Reporting Services and Driving data using External Data sheet.
  • Implemented Project Plan that prioritized on independently gathering Domain knowledge and Building Test Automation framework earlier in the Project Life Cycle
  • Successfully built around 400+ Test Automation Scenarios and Scripts in a span of 30 days with 4 resources after the Project Kick Off
  • Proactively gathered the Application Domain knowledge by communicating with multiple client business partners
  • Constantly providing Demo and successfully incorporating the feedback to update the Test Automation Suite
  • Constant communication with the Client regarding the Project timeline and Risks
  • Stretching beyond Test Automation Assignment and proactively working on the Web Development
  • Providing effective knowledge transfer to the client of the Test Automation Framework, Scenarios and Scripts
Mobile App Test Automation for Quality Management