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Digital Transformation Trends For Healthcare Industry
3 Digital Transformation Trends For Healthcare Industry

In Artificial IntelligenceBlogIoT

Digital transformation is currently taking over the healthcare industry to bring forth high-quality and innovative care with an exceptional digital user experience. And it is transforming everything in healthcare processes and procedures to optimize the industry services.

Now the industry is all set to make a digital revolution that drives the new waves of medical innovation. In a way to revolutionize patient care with a deeper understanding of patient necessities along with remote monitoring and real-time access to electronic medical and personal health record.

Here, we are going through three digital transformation trends that healthcare organizations simply cannot afford to miss:

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Python or R? Which Should You Choose For Your Next Machine Learning Project
Python or R? Which Should You Choose For Your Next Machine Learning Project

In Artificial IntelligenceBlog

Data science is all about capturing data in an insightful way where Machine learning is a key area of it. Data science is a fantastic blend of advanced statistics, problem-solving, mathematics expertise, data inference, business acumen, algorithm development, and real-world programming ability. And Machine learning is a set of algorithms that enable software applications to become more precise in predicting outcomes or take actions to separate it without being explicitly programmed.

The distinction between data science and machine learning is a bit fluid, but the main idea is that data science emphasizes statistical inference and interpretability, while machine learning prioritizes predictive accuracy over model interpretability. And for both data science and machine learning, open source has become almost the de facto license for innovative new tools.

Are you planning a machine learning or data science project and confused between Python and R? Both are open-source, free and develop robust ecosystems of open source tools and libraries that help to perform analytical works more easily. So, let’s have a look at whether Python or R, is better for data science considering machine learning and artificial intelligence as included in the term data science.

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Ways To Improve Mobile App Stability
4 Ways To Improve Mobile App Stability

In Apple/iOsBlogCustom Mobile Applications

With thousands of new apps being published, one of the biggest predictors of mobile app success is the app stability. And it’s becoming more and more critical to focus on developing a stable and clutter-free mobile app with ever-evolving technologies. Only a stable app elevates your customer’s perception about your brand along with strengthening the relationship they have with you.

Familiarizing with the most known and common causes of mobile app instability can make your app more stable. And the cold hard truth is your app’s quality and performance impact the bottom line. It’s what will make users decides whether to keep it or not. And crashes especially of the repeated kind, will higher the number of app uninstall and drive your users to run away.

So, whether you’re a brand new or established, a first-timer or a long-timer, you must ensure that your app not only offers the content that users crave, but also offers a clutter-free medium. Therefore, making your app into crash-less should be at top of your priority list. Let’s take a closer look at the key factors in app quality, and furthermore to deliver a great user experience.

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Laravel For Next Custom PHP Web App
Why You Should Consider Laravel For Next Custom PHP Web App

In BlogeCommerceEnterprise ApplicationsWebsite Improvements

Without putting extra time and effort, we have a need to choose the right PHP framework to develop custom web applications. Laravel is an option to choose as it comes with a number of features that facilitates rapid web application development. Laravel is known as the free open source web framework of PHP which is created mainly for the web applications.

With its advanced features and development tools Laravel scores over other web frameworks. The main features of the Laravel are the diverse ways of access to the relational databases, deployment and maintenance of applications, modular packaging system which has a dependency manager dedicated to it, etc. It enables developers to keep the application maintainable by writing clean, structured and reusable code.

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Java The Perfect Choice For IoT
Why Java Is The Perfect Choice For IoT?

In BlogIoTUncategorized

In today’s businesses-centric digital world, everyone is always on the lookout for new tech that uplifts excellence but, in a cost-effective way, in order to reach new heights along with making life easier for people around the world to connect. So, taking things a step further, the Internet of Things the new wave of technology gives a bang.

By now, most of you pretty much know what the revolutionary technology Internet of Things or simply IoT is all about.

IoT is a kind of technology that connects with other devices in its ecosystem and communicates with them. It also helps the machines to understand and determine when they need to be upgraded or when their errors need to be checked. From health gears, smartphones, and wearables to automated homes, smart lighting, smart refrigerators and TVs, IoT has found its application everywhere! So, IoT isn’t something that’s new.

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