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Migration to Magento 2
The Stress-Free Migration To Magento 2

In BlogeCommerceMagento

Magento released in 2008, is an open source e-commerce platform written in PHP. Then it climbed to become one of the most popular e-commerce platforms.

Now, since the release of Magento 2 in 2015, several e-commerce sites are at crossroads. Because unlike upgrading your Android versions on your smartphones, it is not that much easy to upgrade your e-commerce website. So before you are ready to migrate your website to the latest version, you should have a clear idea on what you are dealing with.

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Java Vs .Net
Java Vs .Net : Here’s What You Need To Know

In BlogWebsite Improvements

Every individual who has been to the software industry would have certainly heard of Java and .Net. They are two of the leading technologies used for the development of desktop and server-side applications.

Now, we are going to do is a comparison between a programming language (Java) and a framework (.Net). You might have heard people referring to both, Java and.Net as frameworks. Out of the two, only .Net is actually a framework. The .Net platform uses the ASP.NET as a web application framework with which developers create web applications.

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Angular 5 Or React : How To Choose One For The Front-End Development Of Your Project
Angular 5 Or React : How To Choose One For The Front-End Development Of Your Project?

In BlogUXWebsite Improvements

It is through your website that users get a look at your business or your brand online. By exploring through it, the different inner pages, they get an idea of what you do, what you offer, how long you have been in the industry and so on; in fact, your website gives them all the information they need about you. So, you need to have a vibrant one. Making use of the front-end technologies, developers work on creating one for you.

The front end of a website, the part which the users see, such as the colours, fonts, drop-down menus, sliders and the various styles, all appear before them when developers combine HTML, JavaScript and CSS together.

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ASP.NET core for developing web applications.
Why ASP.NET Core Is Now Being Widely Used For Web Applications

In Blog

Today, the commercial online market has flourished significantly. There are web applications that help an individual to do almost everything: acquire services, shop products, book movie tickets, order food, etc.

Now, in order to create a web application, there are several technologies to choose from, like Java, PHP, ASP.NET, etc. There is one that is gaining more popularity these days, the ASP.NET Core.

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Comparison Of Traditional And Codeless ML Based Test Automation
Which Is Better : Traditional Or Codeless ML Based Test Automation?

In Blog

Before we go exploring deep into the topic, we will first take a look at the basics of testing, machine learning (ML) based testing automation and traditional testing automation.

Why Is Testing An Essential Part Of The Software Industry?

The world today is calling out for automation and advancements in every possible field. On comparing with the technology a few centuries before and today, there is a significant change in the area of technological advancements. Every day, software is being developed which assists humans in numerous ways. Have you given a thought to how these work?

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