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eCommerce Sale Tips
6 Tips To Improve eCommerce Store Sale This Valentine’s Day

In BlogeCommerce

As Valentine’s Day – the holiday of love, is creeping in closer, many e-commerce retailers are scrambling to put the best e-commerce marketing tools & strategies together to take full advantage of the opportunity. How can you manage your marketing to maximize your share of the online shopping revenue, while meeting the demands of your increasing sales?

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner and you need to manage e-commerce store, to meet your sales goal. As an online retailer, it is imperative to prepare your e-commerce store as early as possible for the grabs for the big revenue pie. To grab the best you must be very strategic on your deals, offers and promotions and lots on this Valentine’s Day marketing.

As the competition is extremely fierce, you have to be more creative and aggressive to stand out and command the attention needed to get a decent percentage of Valentine’s Day sales. Early preparation is one of the most effective things you can do to increase Valentine’s Day sales. However, what can you do for an optimum gain from your e-commerce store?

Here are 6 tips to help you to have a bigger bite of the pie on the 2018 Valentine’s Day sales.

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Why Your Business Need Chatbots
What Is A Chatbot And Why Your Business Needs It

In Artificial IntelligenceBlogCustom Mobile Applications

Chatbot is the latest buzzword on the front scene of the tech world. Everybody is rushing to the chatbot bandwagon to know how important it is to have for your business. In this article, we quickly take you through what is a chatbot and why your business needs it.

Chatbots, artificially intelligent computer programs designed to have real conversations with your customers, are poised for enormous growth. It is capable of simulating seamless interactions with customers and typically be found on funnels like Facebook Messenger, Siri, Telegram, WeChat, Slack, SMS, Skype and many others.

From a series of self-initiated tasks to a quasi-conversation–chatbots are transforming the way businesses interact with the world and significantly with their customers.

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Industries Revolutionized By Augmented Reality
3 Industries Revolutionized By Augmented Reality

In Augmented RealityBlog

From the past two to three years, you may have come across with the term Augmented Reality quite often.

You must be thinking that what Augmented Reality is all about and how it will benefit and transform different industries.

Well, Augmented Reality (AR) is an integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time.

The combination of digital information and the real world isn’t just for smart devices, but a real solution at workplaces. The amazing ability of augmented reality is to portray real-world scenarios on user device and simulating real-world scenarios to mask the challenges faced by different industries in their workplace. This high-end technology has been raising the bar of customer experience by its practical implementation for businesses across various verticals.

But do you know how Augmented Reality impact on various industries?

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How Edge Technology Can Transform Your Business
5 Ways How Edge Could Transform Your Businesses

In BlogIoT

As technology evolves, edge provides a major strategic benefit for a wide range of business verticals. The IoT infiltration into IT infrastructure demands real-time visibility, localized access, storage and analytics to maintain high levels of production efficiency. This exponential growth in technology footprints leads to network bottlenecks and bandwidth limitations, data latency along with the access to incredible processing power and data insights. Here are five ways how edge transforms your organization in the near future:

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Mobile App Testing
4 Tips for Effective Mobile Testing

In BlogCustom Mobile Applications

With the rapid fluidity of the world of mobile apps is incredibly competitive to drive personal and professional interactions. For any app to distinguish itself, it needs to be the best quality, and that requires flawless design and thorough testing. Mobile app testing in app development plays a key role to ensure that your mobile app meets your business goals. At the same time, the poorly designed mobile app testing strategies can seriously back-fire, or even negatively impact your brand value and ROI.

Only a few tactics will really skyrocket your app and expand your user base exponentially, therefore, you have to plan an effective mobile testing strategy to grow your business. For your app to gain traction, it’s important to make sure that you test it properly with the right mobile testing strategies. We’ve got four tips that every testing team should keep in mind in order to reap the most from the QA efforts for testing mobile apps.

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