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Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that works on developing simulations of human intelligence in machines or computer systems. Ultimately, the goal of artificial intelligence is to replicate human intelligence so that machines can carry out tasks that require general human intelligence. AI works by taking in large amounts of data and teaching the machine to recognize patterns. This then enables the machine to be able to perform tasks such as learning, decision making, problem solving, and reasoning. 

There are three different types of artificial intelligence, narrow artificial intelligence, general artificial intelligence, and artificial super intelligence. 

Narrow artificial intelligence is the artificial intelligence that we have currently achieved. It operates under a set of conditions and limitations that allow it to appear as if it has human intelligence in some tasks. Some examples of narrow AI are voice and facial recognition, Apples Siri, or self-driving cars. 

General artificial intelligence is a computer system that is able to accurately replicate the intelligence of humans. The system is able to learn through performing tasks and apply the knowledge the system acquires to similar or more difficult tasks, much as a human would do. General AI has not yet been achieved. 

Artificial super intelligence is the idea that AI machines will eventually surpass human intelligence and ability. When this is achieved, machines will be better and faster at everything that humans are able to do. 

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