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Doctor/Dentist App is a customizable personalized smartphone (iPhone and Android) Application (App). The Doctor App is a customized application that your patients and referring doctors load onto their smartphone for FREE from the App Store or Market.After the patient downloads your Doctor App onto their phone, your name and practice logo will appear on your patient's smartphone screen.

Doctor App allows you to connect, communicate and educate your patients and referring doctors in a easy to use interface which is free to them. Push Notification. The ability to communicate with your patients directly on their mobile device rather than calling them (which most people don’t like) or emailing them which may take a few hours before they get the message.

Push notification informs your patients about openings in your schedule or a special offer you want to pass on short notice (25% off Botox or teeth cleaning today) or a campaign you want to initiate (50% off for the first 5 callers). Ability to announce a new hire or a new technology or a seminar you are arranging, push notification gives you the ability to instantly and directly communicate with patients. Contact Your Office for phone/location/office hours

This is an efficiency tool for both the patient and your office. The ability for the patient to Click and drive to your office using directions from Google maps or click and call your office make it efficient and convenient for the patient to contact with your office or arrive at their appointments on time. For the front desk staff this means fewer calls to answer about I am lost or how to get to the office. The patient can just use these functions to keep their appointments in a timely fashion.

Also the office hours function will inform your patients on what day and what times you are available in a particular office, reducing phone calls to your office. Patient Education Articles & Tips. Save your office time and paper, and save your patients time, too, with educational information right in the App. Build a whole library of information you place right at your patients fingertips, and also in context with your practice. what a wonderful way to emphasize that you are the best source of health care information

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