What You Need To Know About The V Programming Language

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V Programming Language

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Recently, the news of a new programming language being introduced created waves among developers. There have been many discussions on various forums, and online platforms such as Reddit about this new programming language - which is none other than the V programming language. This statically typed programming language was open-sourced on June 23, 2019. And ever since its features have come out, developers are in awe; many even believe that this news is too good to be true. The V programming language claims to be a compiled language that is simple and fast and can create maintainable software.

The creator of the V programming language is Alex Medvednikov, a software developer. He says that the programming language was inspired by Oberon, Swift and Rust. Apart from the V programming language, this developer is also working on another major project - Volt. Volt is a desktop client for messaging platforms. And as he claims it to be, it is very fast and lightweight and will help one connect all his or her contacts across multiple messaging services together. Currently, Volt provides basic support for Twitter, Gmail, Skype and Slack. Well, let's leave at that about Volt and return to the V programming language. Let us take a look at the major features of the V programming language and why developers think it is too good to be true.

The V Programming Language - Features You Can Expect Safety

Safety is a major concern for every developer. And it seems like the V programming language is the safest there is. This programming language has no global variables or null variables, or undefined behaviour, or undefined values, or variable shadowing. And is also does bound checking. It supports immutable structs, pure functions and immutable variables by default. Note that generics are a work-in-progress and shall be released soon.

C Or C++ Translation

V programming language promises that it will allow developers to translate their code written in V into C or C++. But then, this is too early to be said or promised since both C and C++ are two of the very complex programming languages (V programming language's creator, Alex Medvednikov, aims to make this feature stable by the end of 2019).

Very Fast Compilation

The compilation time is another feature that attracts the eyes of most developers. V programming language can compile up to approximately 1.2 million lines of code per second per CPU. This programming language achieves this by direct machine code generation and strong modularity.


According to the creator, the V programming language is as fast as C language and requires minimal amount allocations. V language also supports built-in serialization without runtime reflection.

An Ultra-Fast Compiler

Space and build time required for the V programming language is very small when compared with Go, GCC, Rust and Clang. The entire V language and its standard library are just 400 KB which can be built in 0.4s. The creator aims to make this even lower to 0.15s by the end of this year.

All the features mentioned above make the V programming language an ideal language. This is one reason that has stirred up a belief among developers that all of it is a fake or a scam. Several discussions are going on forums and even in various social media platforms. Several developers have even openly shared their views about V programming language on Twitter. And, the creator, Alex Medvednikov, insists that the language is all true and that he is working on it full time now. The V programming language which is in the alpha stage will have the version - V 1.0 released on December 2019. So let us wait and see if this programming language is all that it says.