How to do grocery delivery and carry out business in Covid 19 Pandemic


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Since the start of this new decade, the entire world has undergone a tremendous shock.The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic struck the global economy and has changed the way thatinteractions are made between individuals. With these shifting circumstances, people andcompanies alike have been forced to change their methods in order to maintain safety andcontinue operating. Only the essential stores remained as people scrambled to find new methodsto adapt. The month of June now comes to a close and the virus shows little sign of halting.For many business owners, hopes of returning to their old methods of operation seemsincreasingly unlikely. Now, it is time to alter business strategies in the fight to keep their doorsopen. Similar to many others, OneTeam moved operations online to protect the health and well-being of their workers.

Many stores mandate masks to be required while entering buildings, and many fear therisk of being infected with the virus whenever they leave the house. Since grocery stores are oneof the essential places that all people must go, providing different shopping methods helps toaccommodate for consumers. Instead of visiting the typical brick and mortar store, deliveries andno-contact pickups are becoming much more popular. We help develop websites for grocerystores, allowing them to increase their online presence, boost sales, and attract new consumers.


On the website, we can easily add new categories and products depending on the manager’s needs. Related products can be grouped together to simplify the buying process and make the website more visually appealing. For example, typical categories can include vegetables, dietary restrictions, and meat. We can also add visuals to the website to customize it to your needs. Whatever the reason, this is made extremely easy with the help of our 24/7 support staff. When customers are viewing specific items, you can also add related products.bWhile minor, this is effective in increasing revenue.


Our website allows for curb-side pickup and delivery options. COVID has shifted consumer interests to no-contact services, making these options even more appealing. For delivery options, the managers can add the specific date and times in which they provide these services. This provides ease of operation, as you can organize the deliveries to be made in a simpler manner. When these times frames are selected by managers, customers can view them on the website and select whichever is most convenient for their liking. To manage deliveries, an admin login must be provided to the drivers so that they can update the status of the orders.

Our website has been formatted to the mobile view and even has an app, making it convenient for drivers. As a driver, once you have the login, you can view the sales order to ensure that the correct products are being delivered to the specified location. While products should be organized before the driver departs, this allows for a second check to make sure that all things are correct. Once they have finished leaving the product at the door, they can update the status of the delivery to “finished,” which will be updated simultaneously on the customer’s end. So, when customers check their orders on their account, they will see under the delivery status that it has been completed.

Curb-side pickups are much simpler. After customers have finished selecting the products they desire and navigating the checkout menu, they can select this option. Managers will be able to see that specified order and can have workers group the products together. Once the customer arrives at your store, all they need to do is pick up their order. These no-contact options are especially appealing now, but also helps to boost sales and
profits regardless.


The website also has an option for customers to make their own accounts. This way, they are able to view their past orders, modify personal information and see the status of their deliveries. Customers can be sure that their credit card information is kept safe as we use a secure payment method. We even have a YouTube video that shows a demo website and the features listed, which can be viewed at this link: