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Emergency Medical Form

Medical emergencies can happen to anyone. In these times of crisis, every second must be utilized to maximum efficiency to create the best possible outcome. Even slight miscommunication can be the difference between life and death. These situations are oftentimes very hectic and it can be difficult to inform the medical staff about your current status. For example, after a serious head injury, it can be difficult to recall all the medications you are taking which can lead to further complications. Due to these circumstances, extra precaution and tools should be set in place.  

The recent COVID-19 pandemic is well-known for its devasting effects on the respiratory system, shutting it down and making it difficult to breathe. While this virus affects all people, the elderly are most vulnerable. The mortality rate is positively correlated with the age of the patient, meaning that older people are much more likely to have serious complications and death. Due to their age, their bodies are not as adept to combating these serious illnesses and this poses an even greater threat.  

Because the elderly are oftentimes struggling with other illnesses, they may be taking a variety of medications. This information is critical to EMTs and doctors, as there can be serious consequences for certain drug interactions. The discrepancy in information between the medical staff and the patient is dangerous, but can be minimized with the use of a simple, yet effective tool, the Emergency Medical Form (EMF). To give a brief summary, the EMF is a tool that allows users to input their basic personal information, medical history, and contact information. So that whenever a medical emergency may arise, the staff on hand will be able to use this tool to treat the patient will all the relevant data that they may need. 

Focusing on the elderly on particular, we previously mentioned the more serious effects COVID can have on their health. What is so scary about the virus is that the early symptoms are extremely similar to the common cold or flu, disguising its true identity. It is only until it has progressed to its most serious state that people begin to suspect that it may be the cause. These factors combined make it difficult to diagnose before the symptoms have already worsened. At its most severe state, patients struggle to breathe and therefore can have trouble talking. When medical staff arrive to treat emergency, they may be unable to speak or even recall this critical personal information. Instead of taking the risk that the elderly patient is incapable of notifying the responders of any medications, they can show them the EMF which relays all that they would need to know. 

Since the elderly are also less informed about technology, we provide a paper form instead of the mobile application. This simple form is incredibly easy to fill out and still provides any first responders with the information that they may need. Even if everything went wrong, they would not provide the paper version of the EMF form and their mobile device was not working, certain hospitals and healthcare providers have access to EMF’s extensive database. This is just another level of protection to ensure that the patient is receiving the utmost care. 

There is no reason to leave you or your loved ones vulnerable during this precarious time. Employing this tool can be a saving grace.  

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