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One Team US, LLC is one of the industry leaders in mobile app development. Our smartphone developers has expertise on both native and web applications. We create cross platform apps and native that work on both phone and tablet interfaces for Apple, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.

Our unique combination of skills and experience makes us the ideal choice to develop smartphone application and bring ideas to life.


Cloud nine development is our biggest partner. We are continuously delivering good quality products on various platforms for them.

Eye Hand Book app was the idea of Cloud Nine company which was started as a small resident project at the University of Missouri Kansas City in 2009. It’s a comprehensive smartphone treatment reference and diagnostic tool for most of the Eye Care professionals. It was handed over to One Team in its childhood stage and is now the number one mobile smartphone application in Eye care.

The endeavor has been great, but we have worked tirelessly to produce an application that is unmatched in accessibility and usability.


The project was behind schedule and over budget at the mid-point of the implementation, when it was handed to One Team. Remaining on this track would have resulted in the loss of critical clients and associated revenue, along with a significantly reduced return on investment for the acquisition and development program.

Ensure software quality, reliability and monitoring

The addition of this client was projected to double this business unit’s annual volume for the company and required forming a strong development team including a dedicated testing team. In the midst of this transformative growth, senior management wanted to improve overall project management through better monitoring, control, and reporting while ensuring critical deliverables and targets were met.

Seamless On All Devices

The app was going to be accessed on numerous devices such as iPhones and iPads and the layouts had to be designed in such a way that the user experience looks seamless on all devices.

Conversion of Medical formulas

Difficulty in converting medical calculations, ophthalmology tests and medical codes to multiple devices for the end users.


The company restructure was needed to felicitate this new client.

  • The project team consolidated all decision-making responsibility with the project sponsor, appointed a technology champion, and improved the understanding of roles and responsibilities by developing a formal responsibility matrix. These actions clarified accountability and responsibility throughout all levels of the project, improving decision making as well as the delivery effectiveness of the project team.

  • Assigned a program manager to this project and a management team was formed under him. They worked together to integrate and coordinate multiple work streams including android, iOS, web, backend and design technology. Standardized documentation was created for individual work stream reporting and shared with other team members, and an integrated program level master plan was developed.


  • New UI design was implemented for better UX.

  • MVC standard and Scalable architecture introduced.

  • In app purchases added to increase ROI for the company.

  • The latest updates from the healthcare community along with the advantage of sharing photos, videos, PPTs, and PDFs were shared with users.

  • Introduction of push notifications and in app messages for better user experience and hence more downloads to the app.

  • Database was optimized to manage the backend.

  • Module level analytics gave better picture of user engagements.

  • Introduction of new testing tools to reduce cost and improving product quality.


The company was able to leverage standard project management concepts and strategies and adapt them to the company’s unique requirements. The result was a successful organizational transformation, integrating more experienced developers and testers and meeting program deadlines and contractual obligations.Now, we have over “1 million +” downloads and 3 lakh + of active users globally.

  • The overall acquisition program was reset and successfully recovered, with all of the new targets and milestones achieved within the targeted timeframe

  • For the company’s new client, new facilities were added including development of client-
    specific policies and procedures and hiring new colleagues

  • For the development effort, a team consisting of Business, Practice, Coordination and Techno
    logy colleagues was assembled. Once the team was comfortable with the agile process, the development targets were reset, creating more realistic target dates and deliverables.