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NRLB Corporate Overview

No Roof Left Behind Helps Contractors Give Back to Communities.

App Overview

How One Team US helped NRLB in developing an app that connects communities with kind hearted roofing contractors who want to give back to the community.


No Roof Left Behind was specially designed to help communities organize and rally around a local family in need. No Roof Left Behind is a nationwide program that gives folks in the community a way to help their good neighbors that have fallen on hard times. The No Roof Left Behind program provides a local contractor the framework to provide a new roof at no cost to a deserving homeowner in need.

The challenge

    User Information Security

  • Personal information is always a sensitive data and ensuring the security of user info was a critical challenge in this project. Moreover, it was important that the information shared was not used by other sources.
  • Intuitive UI Designing

  • Our first challenge was understanding the target audience and accordingly creating a rich user experience for them. Also, this would help us understand what changes to introduce in the future versions of the app that wouldn’t affect its follower base.
  • Strong Backend

  • Huge Content Handling with Several apis was difficult.The biggest challenge was to customize the app to handle a huge database of contractors and nominees

The Solution

    Encoding the Data from backend to Mobile

  • Encoding of Data was implemented while being transferred from mobile to the backend and to HTTPS. Thus the information shared at any stage stays safe.
  • Better ROI for the client

  • Implemented banner ads and grand ads in the app for better ROI.
  • Push message implementation

  • A message inbox with autosync was implemented .Contractors were guided for each phase instructions through these messages. Efficient interaction between NRLB and contractors / end users.
  • Social sharing

  • Social sharing was another feature added to make the app experience sharable. It included integration of Facebook, Twitter and email sharing functionalities.

The Result

    The application has been successfully launched on both iTunes and Android’s Google Play Store. And the following features are helping this application quickly gain audience:

  • Filtering through programs that interests usersor those shared by colleagues.
  • Anytime access

  • The app made life much easier for its users/contractors, giving them anywhere-anytime access to the app, increasing their efficiency and improving their day-to-day management.
  • Location-Based Searches

  • The users can instigate location searches to find the program for themselves /friends’ in need

One Team US, LLC Corporate Overview

One Team US, LLC is well-known for offering world-class technological solutions, website development services, smartphone apps, software development, and maintenance on-time and within budget. We are an experienced provider of mobile applications with expertise in the full life-cycle design, development, porting existing applications and submission/approval of apps and websites. Our unique combination of skills and experience makes us the ideal choice to develop your smartphone application and bring your ideas to life.
Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, One Team US has a diverse portfolio including more than 50 Software products/sites and 100+ Mobile apps covering iPhone/iPad, Android/ Android Tablet, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile platforms. Please review  for our complete portfolio.