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Eye Handbook Mobile App Created by One Team US Suprasses 1.6 Million Downloads

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One Team US (Troy, Michigan) is excited to announce that the Eye Handbook Mobile App for iOS and Android platforms has surpassed 1.6 million worldwide downloads.

“This coincides with the apps’ latest update which includes a complete overhaul of the previous design, including extensive reconstruction of form and function and its’ new availability on the Android tablet.  From the time that we first developed this mobile app, and with its’ subsequent changes, updates, and enhancements, the Eye Handbook has developed an active user community of Eye Professionals and is referenced daily by thousands of people across the globe.  ” says Kris Gazley, VP of Client Management for One Teams US.

The Eye Handbook mobile app is a diagnostic and treatment reference tool for Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and anyone involved in the Eye Care Industry or interested in eye health.  Several of the features include:

  • Eye Atlas/Eye Diagrams
  • Vision Symptoms Guide
  • Worldwide Interactive Forums in which Eye Professionals are able to diagnose and comment upon patient conditions and make recommendations
  • Eye Wiki
  • Ophthalmology and Optometry Journals
  • Medication and Pharmacopeia
  • Patient Education tools
  • Treatment Reference

The Eye Handbook can be downloaded free of charge. Simply go to www.eyehandbook.com  or the  Apple or Google Play stores.


Michigan’s One Team US (www.oneteam.us) is a leading product development, mobile app development, eCommerce, custom software, and software integration firm based in Troy, Michigan.  To date, the organization has developed more than 200 mobile apps, many eCommerce sites, numerous Websites,   and has been involved in innovative technology initiatives.


One Team US clients include hospitals, manufacturers,   medical device companies, business services organizations and online retailers, including a NBA franchise.  Its’  Medical Apps Team business unit specializes in the Health Care sector. They can be reached at:



One Team US


950 Stephenson Highway

Suite 205

Troy, MI  48083

Kris Gazley

248-250-9200 EXT 102