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Current VR Trends & Impacts
Current Trends In VR Technology And It’s Impacts

In BlogVirtual Reality

It’s been a year since Virtual Reality technology market has been officially launched through every major VR platforms, from high-quality tethered systems like HTC’s Vive and Facebook’s Oculus Rift to budget-friendly and cheerful smartphone-based platforms like Samsung’s Gear and Google’s Daydream VR.

Now the initial flurry of enthusiasm has died down, but as VR hit the mainstream – it’s peeking over the horizon by leaving more drastic questions: What actually you would be able to do with VR? Is VR just a stepping stone for even more science-fiction future of augmented reality tech?

As VR is aiming for the mainstream from the high-end Oculus Rift to Google, we take a dive into Virtual Reality technology as a tech trend and what exactly you need to know about the VR market for today, and of course, take a look at the market predictions.

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Push Notification Tips
5 Things to Know Before Starting With Push Notifications

In BlogCustom Mobile Applications

In today’s world brands are literally overwhelmed when it comes to the number of communication channels which are available to them to communicate & engage with their potential customers. Push notifications are one such way and it’s a powerful mobile messaging tactic for improving customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Over emails, push notifications occupies a unique place in the communication platform for promotional content. It allows you to deliver messages in real-time to get a higher response rate compared to the rest. Push notifications are more significant as it gives businesses the potential to reach out to the customer, engage and to lead them to the right offer.

Push notifications can be used to not only promote your products directly to your users but to also encourage them to re-engage with your custom mobile app.

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Optimize Ecommerce Store
6 Ways To Make Your Online Store Stand Out This Black Friday & Cyber Monday

In BlogeCommerce

In the past few years during Black Friday and Cyber Monday we are seeing an increase in revenue of around 50% to 70% for retailers. With each passing year, more & more shoppers flock to e-commerce store on holiday seasons, which means that your store needs to take advantage of this influx of traffic and start converting these visitors to paying customers.

In order to win this holiday season you need to start planning your strategies now. Time is closing fast for you to get your ecommerce store ready for this year’s black friday & cyber monday deals. If you get them wrong, then you are practically going to watch your profit walk out.

Here are the 6 ways to convert your website visitors into revenues using customer targeting and personalizing the user experience.

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Enhancing Ecommerce Store Using Odoo
6 Ways To Enhance Your Online Store Using Odoo

In BlogeCommerce

Setting up an amazingly beautiful online store that stands out from your competitors takes a lot of work, but now it can be done easily with odoo. When it comes to expanding the functionality of your online store and integrating with other application suites Odoo is an outstanding e-commerce platform with its unique value proposition and hence integration becomes a breeze.

Odoo e-commerce features offer a vision of a fully integrated solution, which could provide XO2 with an efficient sales and distribution funnel; integrating full financial and after-sales marketing attributes. With Odoo e-commerce platform, sales and inventory can be effortlessly managed via automatic stock reporting and arrangements.

With odoo, it’s also easy to measure the impact on sales through Google Analytics for every step you take. Make the whole shopping experience into user-friendly and easy to understand for all your potential customers and visitors.

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Getting Ready For Black Friday & Cyber Monday
Getting Ready For Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sales

In BlogeCommerce

Black Friday – the biggest shopping days of the year is coming. Not only in the store, but now this craze has entered the e-commerce to form a whole weekend of sales ending on Cyber Monday (CM). For the coming BFCM, still, there’s enough time to prepare your store to grab attention to increase sales and traffic.

With the current pace of technology, BFCM is not just an event for the big players, there is an enormous data to support the businesses of any size can take advantage of this event. And, you can take part without crossing your margins.

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