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Boating and its related activities are an enjoyable way for people to spend time and unwind. The waters are a place to enjoy with friends and family while maintaining a sense of privacy with its isolation. While being in open waters is fun, there are always times when boats need to find moorings. Finding locations can become especially difficult at times, so for everyday goers, this can present as a hassle. Instead, utilizing the Internet of Things, multiple features can be implemented together to better the experience for users. They can receive up-to-date information and check on the statuses of open mooring locations.  

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? To simplify, it is a network of connected devices that contain software with the ability to transmit data. They allow transfer of data over networks without the interaction of humans, allowing for everyday objects to become “smart.”  It reduces the hassle for humans and automates tasks. While the definition of IoT is changing, the concept is still fairly similar. One example that may help to better understand this concept are “Smart Homes.” This type of software program allows for people to have a single platform in which they can access a variety of different features. These unique features are all interconnected to enhance the users experience.  

Utilizing a GPS system combined with online tracking allows for users to see their current locations. From there, the locations of accessible moorings would be posted for people to see. Thus, people could easily navigate their way towards open spots without hassle. In terms of payments, there can be options for individuals to pay right away on an app, reducing wasted time. They can additionally purchase Wi-Fi at specific locations where it is available.  

News and other events can be posted by users as well. Having a community of others can be quite enjoyable, so this is an additional feature that would be popular. Specific spots meant for fishing and diving could be posted for others to see. With these spots, companies dedicated to these activities can pop up. Thus, both parties are able to benefit. People can also post about events that they are hosting or maybe other news. Having a get together with other people near sand bars is an excellent way to relax and have some company.  

Having access to real-time information that is accurate and reliable is incredibly convenient for its users. Information regarding the weather can plan out events for the day and maintain safety. To help provide more information, sensors on buoys can indicate other measures that may be unavailable on weather applications. Some of the data given could be humidity, temperature, depth, current, etc. All of this data could be seen by a user on the app. To ensure safety, the app would also have an emergency feature. This would allow people to contact the appropriate authorities when help is needed. 

The technology that continues to develop improves all aspects of our everyday lives. From the convivence of online shopping to our necessities, these are all improved by shifting circumstances. Just as other industries have improved, this is another area where change can occur.