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Contact Management Software

A business works to serve their customer’s needs. To maximize the experience that customers have, interactions beyond the purchasing process must also be accounted for. This is where contact management software serves its role. It simplifies the process that businesses must maintain to keep in contact with its customers. While there are many contact management software providers, Odoo offers a wide variety of services that is unmatched for their affordable price point.  

Instead of a singular area where customer information is stored, contact management software has an alternative solution. An address book can easily be generated, allowing the sales team to share the file and find any information they may need. The information stored in this address book is customizable, each person/company may contain an address, phone number, city, country, and much more. If there are multiple locations for a single contact, there is an option to add this data. All of this data can be obtained online, so physical location is not a limiting factor to its accessibility. Related to their information, Odoo’s contact management software stores related data about each customer. For example, after a purchase, their customer preferences will automatically be saved. This encompasses the language they used, delivery option they selected, and much more. For the team members, they can get the full history attached to any previous customers. This may be previous orders, potential opportunities, invoices, etc.  

The opportunity pipeline is given a clear overview, visible on an interactive interface. Because the address book also allows for inputting of workers, they can be grouped together into teams. From there, specific stages along the pipeline can be assigned to specific teams. These stages are completely customizable, and descriptions can be added to each one. Substages can also be added to each stage, adding an added layer of organization. Lost opportunities are automatically archived and other opportunities can be manually archived. This allows for a more in-depth analysis of which teams are showing the most success, and which stages are struggling.  

The email integration tool greatly assists businesses in producing efficient communication. Templates can be formed for the most common situations between customers and suppliers. By doing so, members are able to maintain the professionalism and customized feel, but save time on the work that they need to do. All email communications can be automatically assigned to the right opportunity, and incoming emails even generate their own leads. There is even a VoIP tool available, which allows dial queues to create on customers or opportunities. This tool has multiple benefits. Firstly, it helps to reduce costs per call, as a greater volume can be handled at significantly lower prices. Additionally, it can log calls automatically, allowing members to reschedule or send emails for those failed calls. There are automated actions available for the customer, so the tool can service some actions while member may be unavailable.  

For Odoo, this contact management software is just a part of the customer relationship management program that they offer. So not only are all of the benefits previously listed included, but there is a wide array of other benefits and tools that are included.  

Generating leads is an important aspect of customer relationship management, and Odoo’s software provides the necessary tools to succeed. Lead scoring helps to decide on which ones deserve to converted into an opportunity. This is done by judging between implicit and explicit criteriaTo generate lead acquisition, there are more than 30 marketing apps that can help in this process. Additionally, campaigns can be created to generate a more tailored approach to the activities of the lead. 

There are so many more features available on Odoo’s CRM software that can be found  at this url Odoo’s contact management software development continues to improve, new features and updates are added frequently. Providing so many unique and beneficial tools, it is certainly a program that can manage any companies CRM or contact management needs. As scalability is not a factor that needs to be worried about, it can accommodate any growth your companexperiences.