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Mobile App Testing
4 Tips for Effective Mobile Testing

In BlogCustom Mobile Applications

With the rapid fluidity of the world of mobile apps is incredibly competitive to drive personal and professional interactions. For any app to distinguish itself, it needs to be the best quality, and that requires flawless design and thorough testing. Mobile app testing in app development plays a key role to ensure that your mobile app meets your business goals. At the same time, the poorly designed mobile app testing strategies can seriously back-fire, or even negatively impact your brand value and ROI.

Only a few tactics will really skyrocket your app and expand your user base exponentially, therefore, you have to plan an effective mobile testing strategy to grow your business. For your app to gain traction, it’s important to make sure that you test it properly with the right mobile testing strategies. We’ve got four tips that every testing team should keep in mind in order to reap the most from the QA efforts for testing mobile apps.

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Transform Business Using Machine Learning
Transforming Your Business Using Machine Learning

In Artificial IntelligenceBlog

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a boundless field which covers things like cognitive computing and machine learning. For a lot of people, artificial intelligence and machine learning are just the same, not be aware of the difference.

In a nutshell, artificial intelligence is the general term or category to define the idea of machines being able to execute tasks that we label as smart. On the other hand, Machine learning is a concept within the kernel of artificial intelligence which keep the machines to analyze by themselves according to the given data.

You might be asking: So what? What machine learning (ML) can do for your business?

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How Wearables Influence Mobile Applications
How Wearables Could Influence The Future of Mobile Applications

In BlogCustom Mobile Applications

Wearables seem to have opened up a section in the digitalization which was completely notional. Not only this, the technology has opened a new world of possibilities and now it has come to a realization where wearable technology is more advanced than hand-held technology. The implications and benefits of wearable technology are vast as it is designed to mostly work along with your smartphone and serve as a secondary display for your handset.

The hype and demand of wearables across different industries are also increasing the need for custom mobile applications at a very fast pace. These smart gadgets are forcing a lot of enhancements and revise in the development of next-generation mobile applications. Let’s have a look at how wearables influence on mobile applications.

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IoT App Development Tips
Tips For Successful IoT Application Development

In BlogIoT

Internet of things (IoT) has proven to be a tremendous influence in driving the fortunes of businesses across the globe. However, the buzz IoT is set to change the very fabric of the world we live and work in. From kitchen appliances and coffee makers to security cameras and air quality sensors, every device or gadgets now holds the potential to spew valuable data by connecting to machines or systems.

There is no doubt that the present business landscape demands attainable digital experiences that connect customers with the company’s products, brand and business tactics. The current hype in the business world is overrun with IoT product ideas to get the most value from connected devices. To get the real benefits of IoT, you need a plan to efficiently and effectively aggregate, store, and analyze all of the data. Here are three things to think about during the design and development of your IoT product.

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Odoo Editions
Odoo Editions Comparison Chart

In Blog

Odoo is a leading open source all-in-one management software created to unleash every company’s potential by providing various modules like CRM, Sales, Project Management, Purchase, HR etc merged to one single platform and provided as a cloud or Saas model to suit companies regardless whether they are small, midsize or Large corporations.

Odoo has 3 different editions which can be used to develop your custom ERP solution. Regardless of the edition, you chose we can create customized reports as per the requirements.

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