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Virtual Reality

Current VR Trends & Impacts
Current Trends In VR Technology And It’s Impacts

In BlogVirtual Reality

It’s been a year since Virtual Reality technology market has been officially launched through every major VR platforms, from high-quality tethered systems like HTC’s Vive and Facebook’s Oculus Rift to budget-friendly and cheerful smartphone-based platforms like Samsung’s Gear and Google’s Daydream VR.

Now the initial flurry of enthusiasm has died down, but as VR hit the mainstream – it’s peeking over the horizon by leaving more drastic questions: What actually you would be able to do with VR? Is VR just a stepping stone for even more science-fiction future of augmented reality tech?

As VR is aiming for the mainstream from the high-end Oculus Rift to Google, we take a dive into Virtual Reality technology as a tech trend and what exactly you need to know about the VR market for today, and of course, take a look at the market predictions.

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VR App Development Checklist
Your Checklist For A Successful VR App Development Project

In BlogVirtual Reality

As sky’s the limit for VR technology, VR may seem like another industry buzzword. Now everyone has a keen eye on how VR is about to go mainstream and create a fully immersive virtual world for businesses. The applications of VR technology are worth exploring for game-changing results on different business verticals. Yet, user interest still remains less and the cost for VR gear appear to be beyond reach for most users.

Here we take a look at the checklist for a successful VR app development project.

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