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AWS vs Google Cloud

Modern technological developments have dramatically improved the ways in which businesses are able to operate. Significant improvements on online platforms have allowed companies to grow and provide functions at reduced costs. This has allowed for businesses to make strides in advancements and continue to progress. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud (GCP) are both platforms that may business owners have probably heard of. Similar and unique in many aspects, they have their own benefits.  

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a cloud computing service that is offered to customers as well as its service components. An important distinction to make is that Google Cloud is different from a website. The services they provide help businesses produce applications. For example, they help Goldman Sachs analyze risks and provide new, creative solutions. The ability of this platform is that it allows users to maximize their leverage of data centers. Some ways that in which this is possible is by using their artificial intelligence and analytics, access to large storage capacities, etc.  Instead of paying for the actual machine itself, users are essentially paying for the resources that it uses.  

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a private cloud computing service platform that offers computing power, online storage, and other features that allow for business development. They hold the greatest market share in the cloud service sector, and is the most popular choice.  

A great analogy that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos used to describe AWS is like factories back in the 1900s. In order to generate the power that they needed, each factory had to build its own power plant. As factories can now purchase their power demands, it significantly reduced prices. What AWS provides is to move the physical computing technology onto the cloud. AWS uses a pay-as-you-go system. This means that users only need to pay for the services that they use. This allows for businesses of all sizes to reduce their costs, but also allows for growth and expansion. If additional features such as computing power or storage are needed, they can be added with ease. This scalability is what attracts so many. 

For both platforms, security and reliability are state of the art. They both have multiple layers of protection to ensure that all data is safe from intruders. Additionally, both offer recovery management in those rare cases.  

Comparing Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, certain aspects are better on one platform. For example, start-ups and businesses that are NOT as tech-savvy would struggle on AWS. There is a bit more sophistication, and GCP does a great job of providing introductory modules that helps people get started. On the other hand, GCP simply does not provide the same number of features that AWS does. AWS has over 175 features and has continued to improve their product since its inception. As GCP has been in this market for significantly less time, there are aspects lacking. 

Both of these online cloud computing service platforms offer useful tools at affordable prices. With their own unique benefits, the right fit truly depends upon the needs of the business.