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Artificial Intelligence

Why Your Business Need Chatbots
What Is A Chatbot And Why Your Business Needs It

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Chatbot is the latest buzzword on the front scene of the tech world. Everybody is rushing to the chatbot bandwagon to know how important it is to have for your business. In this article, we quickly take you through what is a chatbot and why your business needs it.

Chatbots, artificially intelligent computer programs designed to have real conversations with your customers, are poised for enormous growth. It is capable of simulating seamless interactions with customers and typically be found on funnels like Facebook Messenger, Siri, Telegram, WeChat, Slack, SMS, Skype and many others.

From a series of self-initiated tasks to a quasi-conversation–chatbots are transforming the way businesses interact with the world and significantly with their customers.

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Transform Business Using Machine Learning
Transforming Your Business Using Machine Learning

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a boundless field which covers things like cognitive computing and machine learning. For a lot of people, artificial intelligence and machine learning are just the same, not be aware of the difference.

In a nutshell, artificial intelligence is the general term or category to define the idea of machines being able to execute tasks that we label as smart. On the other hand, Machine learning is a concept within the kernel of artificial intelligence which keep the machines to analyze by themselves according to the given data.

You might be asking: So what? What machine learning (ML) can do for your business?

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How AI Will Change eCommerce
How Artificial Intelligence Will Change The Face of eCommerce

In Artificial IntelligenceBlogeCommerce

The consistent growth of e-commerce makes it one of the most outstanding global trends. But the hasty transition from the brick-and-mortar shops is heavily limited by technology in contrast with the real world sales – specifically, the limitations of product searches.

With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), e-commerce unlocks the disrupting traditional shopping experience to reach its full potential. The integration of AI with e-commerce not only transform the millions of online transactions, but also the in-store purchase behaviors, by digital interactions.

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Artificial Intelligence & eCommerce
How Artificial Intelligence Could Impact eCommerce Environment

In Artificial IntelligenceBlogeCommerce

AI integration with e-commerce will provide improved understanding as well a more personalized touch to the industry for an exceptional efficiency, automation, and consumer knowledge. AI’s impact on e-commerce will achieve metrics such as increased transactions, increased retention, increased customer satisfaction, increased conversion. Here are 3 AI factors which could have an impact on the development of the ecommerce environment moving forward.

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