6 Ways To Make Your Online Store Stand Out This Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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In the past few years during Black Friday and Cyber Monday we are seeing an increase in revenue of around 50% to 70% for retailers. With each passing year, more & more shoppers flock to e-commerce store on holiday seasons, which means that your store needs to take advantage of this influx of traffic and start converting these visitors to paying customers.

In order to win this holiday season you need to start planning your strategies now. Time is closing fast for you to get your ecommerce store ready for this year's black friday & cyber monday deals. If you get them wrong, then you are practically going to watch your profit walk out.

Here are the 6 ways to convert your website visitors into revenues using customer targeting and personalizing the user experience.

  1. Make your Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals attractive
    Make sure that your offers are the center of attraction on this holiday season as the shoppers are looking for amazing discounts and offer during Black Friday & Cyber Monday. If it isn’t immediately clear what you’re offering, shoppers will bounce and search for deals elsewhere. So make sure to add callouts to your offerings via different channels and links to explore and shop more from you.
  2. Add a countdown timer to create a sense of excitement
    Urgency does wonders to drive your shoppers to buy. A countdown timer is a tried-and-tested way to create a sense of excitement and encourage shoppers to make a sale sooner, rather than later. A countdown timer has a greater influence to make a purchase rather than adding a product to the cart and potentially end up buying at a competitor’s store. While this season sale might command a higher premium, focus on driving shopper throughout the day urgency at any time, reminding your sale only lasts a limited amount of time, show a timer or the number of days remaining.
  3. Be clear on your value propositions & competitive differentiators
    Online shoppers like comparison shopping, especially during the holiday season when they are hunting for best offers. You can retain shoppers from leaving your site and make a purchase with you by clearly interacting your value propositions. Visitors expect you to understand them and treat them as if they matter. This is where small businesses shine compared to giants.
  4. Personalize your offers & messages through different funnels
    Personalization is an essential key to building customer loyalty and remaining profitable to keep more visitors on your site. Delivering highly relevant and personalized offers to each user is not trivial, so build intelligence using the data generated from all types of user interactions. Provide offers and content based on shoppers unique interests and preferences to increase your holiday conversions by delivering targeted experiences. This is easier to do for retaining customers than attracting new visitors, but you can also use behavioral targeting to send different messages to shoppers based on how they communicate with your site.
  5. Incentivize sharing your deals to spread out your reach
    In order to drive more sales during Black Friday & Cyber Monday, you need to drive more potential shoppers to your site. One way to do this is to incentivize shoppers to share your deals. This way, every shopper becomes a potential advocate for your brand and will help to drive more traffic to your site through social media. Then move shoppers further down the channel using consideration and conversion-led concise with strong calls to action to prompt them to act on their shopping intent. Placing a call-to-actions allow you to share your deals for discounts on the product page, checkout page, or order confirmation pages.
  6. Be responsive desktop’s as well on smartphones
    Adoption of smartphones and tablets are quickly overtaking laptops and desktop computers as the way shoppers surf and shop online. Make sure that all of the holiday offers you are creating for your site look just as responsive on mobile devices as they do on the desktop. Make shopping on mobile apps even simpler by creating an easier user interface, using legible fonts with a call-to-action that shoppers can easily tap on. The speed of your app launch-time is paramount for smartphones, so identify areas that can speed up on your application so that store can load quicker on mobile connections.