6 Ways To Enhance Your Online Store Using Odoo

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Enhancing Ecommerce Store Using Odoo

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Setting up an amazingly beautiful online store which stands out from your competitors takes a lot of work, but now it can be done easily with odoo. Odoo e-commerce platform allows you to easily expand the functionality of your online store by integrating with other application suites.

Odoo e-commerce features offer a vision of a fully integrated solution, which could provide an efficient sales and distribution funnel and integrate full financial and after-sales marketing attributes. With Odoo e-commerce platform, sales and inventory can be effortlessly managed via automatic stock reporting and arrangements.

With odoo, it’s also easy to measure the impact on sales through Google Analytics and make the whole shopping experience user-friendly and easy to understand for all your potential customers and visitors.

Here are the 6 ways you can enhance your e-commerce store with Odoo.

  1. Ready-to-use themes: Without being a designer you can easily customize pages and themes to create a professional e-commerce store which perfectly fits your company's unique style.
  2. Custom product pages: Using the drag & drop building blocks, snap your designs into place and effortlessly customize the design for product pages and showcase your e-commerce store. With odoo, you can add product attributes to keep easy navigation and have your product descriptions displayed the way your customers want it to be seen.
  3. Dedicated customer portals: Keep your customer data organized with order tracking and claims and also allow customers to download invoices and delivery orders as well as view pending deliveries through a single channel.
  4. Increase cart revenue: Enhance your sales with cross-selling and upselling possibilities on product pages, in the cart or at checkout. Odoo will also recommend alternatives and suggest accessories to show customers more of the items they might like, as well as providing increased exposure for all of your in-store items.
  5. Get more exposure: Odoo provides a multi-channel sales experience with a sale planner supported by both CRM (phone sales) and POS (in-store sales). You can also import and organize your items directly from your Odoo to maintain all of your stores via a single channel.
  6. Speed up dispatching: Speed up your sales with easy integrations of major shipping providers and track your shipment directly from Odoo. With just a click Odoo enable you to select multiple rates from shipping carriers and print shipping labels.