5 Things to Know Before Starting With Push Notifications

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Push Notification Tips

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In today's world brands are literally overwhelmed when it comes to the number of communication channels which are available to them to communicate & engage with their potential customers. Push notifications is one such way and it's a powerful mobile messaging tactic for improving customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Over emails, push notifications occupies a unique place in the communication platform for promotional content. It allows you to deliver messages in real-time to get a higher response rate compared to the rest. Push notifications are more significant as it gives businesses the potential to reach out to the customer, engage and to lead them to the right offer.

Push notifications can be used to not only promote your products directly to your users but to also encourage them to re-engage with your custom mobile app.

Let’s take a look at 5 things about push notifications that you need to know before you start using this channel.

  1. Use a Clear, Intuitive Message
    Writing a vague push message will not add any value in spite it only adds to the user’s long list of messages that are read once and forgotten the very next second. To stand out yourself from the rest of the pack, practice writing messages that prompt the user to take an action by availing a clear interest, so as to grab the best deals from the offer. The notification should be right more direct and action-oriented to strongly influence the user to start shopping.
  2. Keep Engaged With Compelling Content
    The best way to keep your subscribers engaged is to Identify and send the messages based on what will make your targeted customers attentive in the page behind the notification. Add value to your customers’ daily life with helpful and engaging content, instead of annoying. Delight your customers with short and personalized messages based on their watching habits. To counter your customers shorter attention spans be brief and clear, convey the message in an authentic, funny and to-the-point message. Remember, the best resulting push notifications are under 25 characters in length.
  3. Timing is Imperative
    For push notifications, timing is a very important factor to make an instinct action on the part of the customers. Don’t forget to provide timely and accurate content to receive the message at a convenient time as per the time zone of your customers. Real-time adaptive messages work beyond expectation, but there’s an important point to be taken away – push notifications with ongoing, immediate information get the highest engagement.
  4. Don't Send Push Notification Frequently
    Being a high-engagement communication channel, it’s important to avoid overrunning your customers with more notifications that they can manage. Set up a frequency gap and limit the number of messages per campaign during a particular time period, otherwise, there is a chance to opt out if messages are too frequent. Price drops, lifestyle hacks, fleeting chances someone is likely to take advantage of, and updates about the content they’re looking for are notifications most likely to be seen as welcome interruptions.
  5. Be More Personalized
    Personalization is nothing new for us and definitely, it grabs attention. Users expect relevant and highly personalized messages. Spamming your users with irrelevant messages will annoy them and will lead to increased opt-outs. So personalize your push notifications based on triggers, behavior and more with the use of AI. Focus on cross-channel engagement using AI to make your personalization a lot more precise, including send times, regardless of where your users are based.


In closing, push notifications are a powerful game changer tool for the business landscape to interact with your customers at a very personalized level in real-time. With the unique capability to reach customers push notifications provides urgent updates and reminders to lapsing customers, to actively engaged, they can as well as keep your potential customer's users coming back.