Touch ID for iPhone/iPad Security

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What is Touch ID? Touch ID is an apple biometric system that allows the user to register using fingerprint. This is a finger recognition feature that was released by Apple Incorporation available for iOS mobile phones such as iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPads and etc.


Mobile phone users are very particular with security and privacy settings and features. What would be the advantage of having touch ID feature in our Mobile iOS devices?

 Allows the user to unlock the device using the registered finger print

Allows the user to purchase applications available in iOS digital media stores such as App store, iBookstore and iTunes store and etc.

 Allows the user to authenticate Apple Pay online

Your fingerprint is the best password you could ever have

The feature gives you the power to unlock and protect every single information in your device

Nothing more important than security and privacy whether in business or personal stuffs

Your fingerprint will grant you instant access to your concerns

If the user’s phone has been rebooted, or has not been unlocked for 48 hours, only the user’s passcode, not a fingerprint, can be used to unlock the phone.




Touch ID hardware:

Built with home button laser

Sapphire crystal is scratch free so there’s no way to prevent Touch ID from

Stainless steel detection ring use to detect the user’s fingertips without pressing

Sensor uses capacitive touch to easily detect user’s fingertips






1. You need to go to settings

2. Go to Touch ID and Passcode

3. Press Touch ID

4. And register with your fingertips

5. You may also add and delete fingertip registration

6. After a successful registration, you’re iOS device may now recognize your fingertips and knows who you are

For general information about Touch ID watch this video: