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Odoo Editions

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Odoo is the leading Open-Source ERP software suite which was created to provide a complete and integrated suite of modules including Manufacturing, Website Builder, CRM, Sales, PLM, Inventory, Warehouse Management, Project Management, Purchasing, POS, Accounting, HR and many more all merged into a single platform and offered in Self-Hosted, Cloud, or SaaS models to suit organizations regardless of size whether they are Small, Midsize or Large. Odoo can replace many disparate software systems with one single system designed from the ground-up as a single homogeneous software ecosystem.

Are there any differences in the Odoo editions?

Odoo has 3 different editions which can be used to develop your custom ERP solution. Regardless of the Odoo edition chosen, we can help you with all needed customizations and integrations, building custom reports, and also help you with any hosting. The three Odoo editions are Odoo Community Edition, Odoo Online Edition, and Odoo Enterprise Edition.

  1. Odoo Community Edition is the free edition and provides the essential, yet robust, features of Odoo out-of-the-box and can be radically customized based upon each individual organization’s needs. It can be downloaded and implemented without any monthly license fees
  2. Odoo Online is a cloud-hosted premium planwhere all the features of Odoo are available. In this edition, monthly license fees are determined by the number of users/licenses and the number of modules needed in your solution. It is hosted by Odoo itself and customizations and integrations are much more limited than the other two Odoo editions.
  3. Odoo Enterprise Edition, also known as the “Odoo On-Premise Plan” is the self-hosted Odoo premium package where you get all the features of Odoo. It allows its users complete control because you take care of the hosting. This edition’s cost is determined by the number of user-licenses and the number of modules needed. Odoo Enterprise Edition also allows drastic customization and essentially unlimited integration possibilities.

Before you decide on which odoo edition to use to build your custom Odoo ERP solution go through the provided comparison chart info- graphic regarding general features & service specific features provided by the different editions of Odoo.

Odoo Editions Chart