Latest Addition To Our Hybrid Mobile App Family – Be Bold Share Jesus


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Be Bold Share Jesus

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We are glad to announce the release of our latest mobile app on May 5, 2017- “Be Bold Share Jesus”.

Leading mobile app development company One Team US is pleased to announce the “Be Bold Share Jesus” mobile app which was developed for both the iPhone and Android phone platforms. Among its features is a robust Content Management System which allows for easy app updates.

The Be Bold Share Jesus app is a simplified teaching tool designed to provide Christian Believers, Churches, Missionaries, and Evangelism teams with the necessary materials required to work in unison with the Holy Spirit to change the world through witnessing. It includes user-friendly video and audio tutorials that will instruct users on various techniques that will strengthen their witnessing experience.

Users will have access to:
  • A report to stay in-touch with the people they have witnessed to (contact information for follow-up)
  • Newsletter providing continuous tips on witnessing
  • Techniques on how to witness to friends, family members, co-workers and new connections
  • Relevant Bible scriptures, prayers, and more

To Download the Be Bold Share Jesus app:

Android -