IoT And Cloud Computing To Transform Mobile App Development

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IoT And Cloud Computing To Transform Mobile App Development

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If you look back, take a visit to the history of how technology and devices have evolved to what we see today, I am sure that you all will be fascinated.

Today, we have smartphones that quite does almost everything you can do on a computer. The computers were massive ones that took up large space in earlier days. I wonder if Charles Babbage ever saw this day coming!

In earlier days we had floppy disks (to the younger generation, have you heard about it?) to store information. Today we have the cloud! Well, that's how technology and devices have progressed so far. The interesting fact is it’s never slowing down!

When we look around, we see how well AI is integrated with mobile devices (a work-in-progress), the e-commerce sector and mobile applications for every service you need.

Well, in this write-up, we'll take a look at how the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing can and will transform mobile app development.

So, What Is Cloud Computing?

You might have asked this question several times, and even would have got the answer for it every time. Well, in case if you have any more doubts on what it is, I'll break it down for you here in simple words.

Cloud computing is an internet-based technology that enables you to store as well as share information. With cloud computing, you can store all your information, including large files easily with the help of various online resources. Once on the cloud, this information can then be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Now, What Is IoT?

In simple words, IoT is a system made up of interrelated computing devices embedded in everyday devices. This interconnection creates a network of devices that facilitate an easier way to send and receive data and information.

How Will IoT And Cloud Computing Transform Mobile App Development?

Now we have seen what cloud computing and IoT is, let us see how both of them together can transform mobile app development.

  • Developing mobile apps using MEAPs
    Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAPs) is an IoT tool containing a wide range of products and services that enable app development. As we know, mobile applications are immensely popular. There is a requirement where the apps need support to run on multiple devices. Hence, the use of MEAPs to develop apps that can convert the data from the cloud to the mobile device in such a way that it fits perfectly on the screen of the mobile device.
  • Offering better security for your information
    Earlier when people used to hear about cloud computing, they highly doubted its security and refused to store anything up there. But it has changed with the deployment of encryption and other advanced security measures, users now know that the cloud is a safe place to store information. This is why more people are now willing to use the cloud to store their information today than before.
  • Demand for mobile app development will soar in the markets
    Today, we have plenty of Android and iOS mobile app developers. Do you know of any mobile app developer who can create applications for IoT devices? No right, and hence the demand for them. With IoT and cloud computing all set to transform the mobile app development, the need for such developers will also soar high.
  • Hybrid mobile app development
    This is the trend now. Imagine if you could create just one mobile application that could run easily on any mobile operating system, instead of creating one for each mobile operating system. The time and cost that you would save will be tremendous right; and so, its popularity. Mobile application development is seeing some major changes and developments. This is not going to slow down at any time.