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App Overview

We are always wondering what others think and know about us. One team helped the client to transform this thought to a mobile application that allows users to chat with others in a questioning, fun and super easy format. Guessmessage is the first app of “game play messaging!” One can create the guessing game based around our own life!


The idea of guess message chat application is to give tremendous options to user to chat with their friends.They can attach a text, picture, video, or a combination of messaging at a time. You can use it even if you just simply have a question or have something you want to tell people that you want responses to!

The Problem

One to one or one to many chat applications seems normal while comparing with guess message chat app as it said a big NO to third party server usage. Client was very strict about confidentiality and implementing a chat app without a third party server support was challenging.

The challenge

    No third party server

  • Most of the chat application works with a server as mediator which is readily available in market .But; the client didn’t want to keep logs of the chat history to ensure confidentiality, hence 3rd party server was avoided.
  • Notification issue

  • The usage of XMPP framework had a lot of consistency issues. Team was able to resolve all the consistency issues which is a key goal for any of the chat apps.
  • Duration of the project

  • The best project build up in a short span of time is the exact tagline for guess message app. Adding more resources for timely delivery was appreciated.
  • Large Member Data

  • Since it was a chat app, a major user activity was expected. The challenge was to create an app that could handle a large user base and the resulting data.

Business challenge

    Patent Challenge

  • Client has challenges in doing patent and trademark as similar app name was registered in China market” .We helped client and worked with Apple support and client Lawyer during patent process.
  • Marketing

  • Our Mobile Architect help client to prepare and present this app idea in popular TV show “Shark Tank”.

The Solution

    Chat server creation

  • Team developed a chat server for guess message app as the client didn’t want to keep logs of the chat history to ensure confidentiality.
  • More chat options at a time

  • Unique features allow you to add a picture, a video, and a text all at the same time Sending messages separately while be in a group chat.
  • Social sharing

  • Social sharing was another feature added to make the app experience sharable. It included integration of Facebook, Twitter and email sharing functionalities.
  • Manual testing approach

  • Test plans and test scenarios were created and successfully executed as the key functionality was sending /receiving messages.
  • Agile Development Methodology

  • Once the POC was successful, AGILE development methodology was used to complete the entire project in three phases.

The Result

    Faster Time-to-market

  • The effective resource utilization and round-the-clock coordination between offshore and onsite teams resulted in faster time-to-market of Guess message applications.
  • On-Time, On-Budget Delivery

  • The project was a win-win for both iOS and Android versions. It was completed on time within budget.
  • High User Engagement

  • Both mobile versions were a huge success with increasing user counts.

One Team US, LLC Corporate Overview

One Team US, LLC is well-known for offering world-class technological solutions, website development services, smartphone apps, software development, and maintenance on-time and within budget. We are an experienced provider of mobile applications with expertise in the full life-cycle design, development, porting existing applications and submission/approval of apps and websites. Our unique combination of skills and experience makes us the ideal choice to develop your smartphone application and bring your ideas to life.
Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, One Team US has a diverse portfolio including more than 50 Software products/sites and 100+ Mobile apps covering iPhone/iPad, Android/ Android Tablet, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile platforms. Please review  for our complete portfolio.