10 Reasons Why You Need An Event Mobile App For Your Conference

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Planning & conducting a conference event is quite stressful. While you're wading through endless checklists and last-minute mishaps, it can be woe to make sure you’re on track. Custom event mobile applications help you to stay systemize and minimize the setbacks involved when planning your big conference events at the same time keeping your attendees engaged during the event.

Here are 10 reasons why you need to drop the Spreadsheets, Itineraries and get a custom event mobile app for your next big conference or other event.

  1. Easily Run the Most Organized Event.

    With one touch calling, driving directions, hotel reservations, and social media access yours’ and your attendees’ event experience will be much more rewarding. Stay organized with the Event App as it holds just about everything and anything you can think of needed for your next event to run smoothly.

  2. Let’s Go Green and Save Money.

    There is no reason to be printing itineraries and spreadsheets anymore because they will all be included in the mobile app. This means that you and your event are going to cut all printing costs associated with trying to supply your attendees with a copy of the above. Furthermore, all that paper needed for your attendees’ agenda is eliminated meaning we’re going to save some trees here.

  3. Hotel Reservations In One Click.

    Easily navigate to the event because the address, phone number, email, website, and a direct GPS link are all at hand in one app. There is no need to search around any other website for different hotel room prices because the app already includes the details and links to local hotel prices, amenities, and other hotel accommodations. Best of all, make hotel reservations in a matter of seconds. The One Team US Conference app allows you to directly make reservations from the app with direct links to each featured hotel.

  4. Last minute Change of Plans? No Worries.

    Okay so the original time that you had listed for the event now needs to be pushed back and your days away from the big day. No need to worry because all you have to do is set the right time and we will instantly send out a push notification about a time change of the event to every user carrying the app in their phones. This includes the attendees, speakers, committee, and anyone else who is planning to attend. Users stay updated with the event in case of any schedule changes in real time.

  5. Build a Bridge Between Attendees, Speakers, Exhibitors, and Sponsors.

    Allow accessibility to event organizers with names, photos, and contact information. Key Note Speakers, Entertainers, Special Guests, etc. and their background information can all be featured within the app. Attendees will know exactly who or what they will be viewing even before they attend the conference. The app itself is a great way to network with everyone involved in the event.

  6. Give Your Sponsors the Spotlight.

    Provide conference attendees direct exposure to your sponsors by categories. Sponsors will be able to advertise through the app, so hopefully they can gain some new potential customers!

  7. A Better Attendee Outcome Every Time.

    Once the app is downloaded, push notifications can consistently remind potential attendees, especially the ones that cannot make up their mind about attending or not. These notifications will work as a way to advertise the event for a period of time before the big day hits.

  8. Reinforce Your Brand.

    With an app now that is available in both the Apple and Google Play stores, imagine the users worldwide that have access to your app and your brand. Our Event Apps is a great way to market your event as well as your business to anyone that uses the app.

  9. No Need to Follow Everyone Else’s Schedule; Make Your Own!

    Our custom event mobile apps allows you to make your own schedule so that you can fully utilize your time there and really do what you want to do. Attendees can prioritize and self-schedule their own agenda based upon their preferences so they don’t miss any events through selecting the “favorites” from the agenda page that automatically drop down to the personal schedule page.

  10. Social Media Sharing Has Never Been So Easy.

    Directly post event pictures and view other's’ photos on your favorite social media via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If there is another social media outlet that is not listed above and you would like to see it in your app, we can add those too.

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