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iBeacon Technology
iBeacon Technology: What, Why, and How

In BlogiBeacon

So, you’ve heard about contextual computing, micro location, beacons, and all that fancy stuff, and here’s the spooky part to get to the bottom of iBeacon technology.

Today’s catching fire ibeacon technology is the new buzz around the technology world with the new way of connecting with customers. There has been a lot of hype around ibeacons which sounds like exactly the right time for a quick look on ibeacon technology and what it’s all about. So without further ado, here’s the fundamental of what, why and how ibeacon technology and its possibilities and backing for more organization of all sizes to benefit from it today.

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VR App Development Checklist
Your Checklist For A Successful VR App Development Project

In BlogVirtual Reality

As sky’s the limit for VR technology, VR may seem like another industry buzzword. Now everyone has a keen eye on how VR is about to go mainstream and create a fully immersive virtual world for businesses. The applications of VR technology are worth exploring for game-changing results on different business verticals. Yet, user interest still remains less and the cost for VR gear appear to be beyond reach for most users.

Here we take a look at the checklist for a successful VR app development project.

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Enterprise Mobile App Development
Challenges In Enterprise Mobile App Development

In BlogEnterprise ApplicationsMobile

An ever increasing usage of smartphones demands omni-channel enterprise fulfillment services to cater the on-the-move needs of enterprise users.

Enterprise mobility holds countless opportunities however, this mobile shift has caused a lot of agitation to the enterprise mobile app developers. Let’s have a look on few challenges on the path of developers.

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Home Automation IoT Devices
Enhancing Home Automation Solution Using IoT for Home Devices

In BlogIoT

The evolution of the Internet of Things from concept to reality takes a new meaning for devices, objects, and the lives connected through the Internet with an ease of access. The capabilities of IoT are fairly endless with a potential level of data allows far more personalized and operational insights about patterns, behavior, customers preferences and more.

As IoT becomes a widespread reality, it promises a new level of digitization in every facet of an organization in creating potential opportunities for products and business models with customer intimacy. Moving into the mainstream it really creates a buzz around the world, here is the reason why connected toasters and other smart home devices matter in the home automation.

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Advantages of Enterprise Mobile Applications
5 Reasons To Establish Your Business On Mobile

In BlogMobile

Mobile apps are the most surgical contrary solution to the responsive website to meet your business needs. Mobile apps are developed specifically for a chosen platform or device, taking into account the particularities of each OS. The designs, codes, and best practices that suit, look, and work the best. Mobile apps offer robust and smoother, often giving a more cohesive user experience with the rest of the platform.

Here are some ways how developing a custom Mobile application can help you to establish your business on mobile platform:

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