Why ASP.NET Core Is Now Being Widely Used For Web Applications

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ASP.NET core for developing web applications.

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Today, the commercial online market has flourished significantly. There are web applications that help an individual to do almost everything: acquire services, shop products, book movie tickets, order food, etc.

Now, in order to create a web application, there are several technologies to choose from, like Java, PHP, ASP.NET, etc. There is one that is gaining more popularity these days, the ASP.NET Core.

Here in this article, we will take a brief look at the different factors as to why ASP.NET Core is in the trend now for developing web applications.

Before we go into the main topic, we shall first take a look at what is ASP.NET Core.

What Is ASP.NET Core?

ASP.NET Core is an open source framework that is currently popular for developing modern, cloud-based applications. This framework is cross-platform with high performance.

Here is what one can do with the help of ASP.NET Core:

  • It could be run on .NET Core or even on the .NET Framework.
  • One could use all their favourite tools for development that are on Linux, Windows and Mac operating system.
  • Develop web applications and services.
  • Deploy what one developed on to the cloud or on-premises.

Key features that have made ASP.NET Core the developer's choice to build web applications

ASP.NET Core is compatible cross-platform

Today, no one uses his laptop to access web-based applications. One might use his or her smartphone, tablet or Mac. Hence, cross-platform compatibility is now not a great feature, but a necessity. Therefore, developers can now easily work on the same project across Windows, Mac OS and also on Linux. This is made possible by the Visual Studio IDE.

ASP.NET Core helps you to build web apps that are ready to be deployed on the cloud

The "cloud" is a buzzword today, means you hear it all the time. Why so? It is because cloud enables one to stay connected with the data they need from anywhere, anytime. Now, due to the modular architecture and flexibility offered by the ASP.NET Core framework, cloud deployment support is enhanced.

Being an open source framework, it adds up to its feature of flexibility

ASP.NET Core will help developers by making coding simpler. Being an open source framework, ASP.NET Core will help maintain the project's modularity. It gives advantages to the developer when it comes to adding libraries and various framework components; he or she can add them as required.

Razor pages that make building web applications more productive

The Razor pages were a new element that was introduced on the ASP.NET Core to enhance it. Razor pages are a page-based programming model. If you are a developer who has worked on the ASP.Net framework before, then you would know how hard it is to keep track of the controller classes with all those large amounts of actions. Not only that, but these also keep growing as new ones are added. With Razor pages, each web page will become self-contained with its View component. The program code also stays well-organized this way.

ASP.NET Core has built-in Dependency Injection (DI) support

Even the previous ASP.NET MVC had DI, but they were carried out using a third-party IoC container. Having the DI feature wired in the very beginning helps support for the coding structure.

ASP.NET Core supports hosting independence

Since the ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform compatible framework, it could keep the web applications developed on the Internet Information Services (IIS). Hence, they all run on web servers other than the IIS.

ASP.NET Core provides support for client-side JavaScript frameworks that are famous among the developers

This cross-platform framework supports two of the popular client-side JavaScript frameworks by providing built-in templates for the same: React and Angular. This helps developers greatly in building a fully functional front-end web application.

With all the above features in the ASP.NET Core framework, the work of ASP.NET developers have become pretty much easier. Another point to be noted is that the framework is being worked on continuously in order to improve its features. Hence, the ASP.NET Core definitely seems like the best choice for developing web-based applications today.