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Even as the business world is ever changing, the one idea that remains the same is providing consumers with the best solution to their problems. By ways of creating a more efficient and productive business, you are able to service the problems that consumers have. To do so, constant improvement must be a central idea to ensure that competitors are not getting ahead. Many of the tasks and goals that companies must solve are done so by splitting employees into project groups. Thus, workers are able to combat the multitude of demands that the company needs. Improving the ways in which projects are handled can greatly assist in this process.  

The conventional form of business in offices is now falling out of fashion, as more people are working at home and the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing employees to find alternative methods of collaboration. Now, utilizing project management solutions has further importance to maintain the longevity of a company. While there are several project management software providers, Odoo’s version combines an open-source ERP platform which allows for the perfect combination of structure and compatibilityTheir software will ensure that employees have clear methods of communication, while also providing tools to enhance project development. 

Communication is an essential part of achieving success within a project. To help facilitate clear channels in which employees can share their ideas, emails can be integrated onto Odoo’s project management software. Beyond emails, there are also ways in which direct messing –similar to text messages – can be sent to colleagues at an instant. These can form into group chats so that several employees can communicate with one another. Custom alerts can also be added to remind anyone of certain events of tasks that need to be completed. This is just a neat way to help organize scheduling and make sure that commitments are being fulfilled. 

The actual interface that is used as the main point of interaction is heavily customizable and contains a board range of information that can be viewed by any employee with permissions. Odoo’s project management software uses a Kanban view, where tasks can be organized based on categories such as stages, deadlines, responsibilities, etc. Tasks can be easily moved around through the given categories. There are also two different views that are extremely helpful: calendar and Gantt chart. Calendar view, as in its name, allows workers to see deadlines on the calendar itself and move around or create tasks. The Gantt chart view provides a greater perspective of the progress on certain tasks. Deadlines and the timeline can be much more easily tracked this way. This main interface can also hold multiple projects. As companies are often working towards a multitude of goals, Odoo’s project management software helps to balance these different tasks.  

Customer care is also a part of Odoo’s project management software. There are tickets options where users can report any problems, bugs, or questions that they may have. As mentioned before, email integration allows for another method of communication for customers. An extremely helpful tool is the automated actions, which can send alerts to team members if any type of tickets were submitted.  

The benefits of using the project management software are numerous. As communication becomes more organized, it will allow employees to work more efficiently. Increasing worker productivity will help to maintain profits and sustain growth. Additionally, this structure will help to reduce any mistakes that may occur. By doing so, the product or service that the company provides will become improved. All of these factors will help improve customer retention and satisfaction. Beyond the customers, workers themselves will have a much greater understanding of their goals and can help to boost company moral.  

Odoo’s project management software combines the needs of both the employees and the customers. They help to organize tasks and create efficiency within the organization. As their project management software development is constantly improving, it ensures that the company’s organization will maintain its integrity. They are one of the best providers, offering an incredible product at an affordable price.