Key Points To Know About Beacon Technology And How It Impacts On Businesses

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How Beacon Technology Impacts On Businesses

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Beacon Technology is a small and inexpensive device that enables accurate location with a narrow range of GPS. In today’s competitive market, it is extremely important for marketers to understand the need of their customers and reach out to them in time. A Beacon fills up this role.

It is a Bluetooth device with low power, cost and energy consumption that uses a low frequency for transmitting weak signals to other Bluetooth enabled devices. When the customer passes through the retailer’s shop, they send a notification on their Bluetooth enabled device with discount offering coupons, etc. The weaker signals are thrown away but can be boosted by signal boosters, if required.

Beacon technology also has the potential to revolutionize the business of customers in different fields and might be the future of this technology. It brings in a new way to interact for the company with its customers’ individual need and demands.

No Internet Connection Required

The majority of beacons are not connected to the Internet. Only a handful of them has an Internet connection. So there is a chance that some of them might not be able to send some device level data back to the platform. Generally, this information is used more for remote updating of a beacon, to find if it has run out of battery, or needs maintenance or replacement or some similar issues, and less about tracking.

Data Security

No one can steal your data from your phone via a beacon as you need an explicit opt-in from the customer. They download your mobile app and then ask for access to a place. By doing so you can take one of the beacon IDs you have in a physical location and ask the app and operating system to check for that specific beacon ID. A physical download is required and privacy is very important with beacons. It is very well locked down and the customer needs to worry on that part. Beacon technology allows working fast and efficiently.

Customer Insights and Help for Automatic Buying

Beacons help you know about a customer’s behavioural patterns like how long do they stay in your store. If you find that a customer staying in a particular store for a long time and buying a product, it might help you to re-target them again on a revisit. You can track your customer’s choice of habit products and send them targeted messages about the product with maybe a coupon code and good discount, other offers, etc.

Demand Recognition

This is a new style of business improvement carried out by retailers. A business runs on market demand. A mobile app fetches the IDs of all the surrounding beacons available in the place. An expert team collects this data and fills up this demand generation.

Beacon technology has the potential to transform a shoppers’ experience into a unified and completely attractive experience. In the next few years, beacons will likely see a rapid increase in the number of users and store operators. Though the future of beacons may be different than right now perceived there is no denying that it will bring a new paradigm shift in the way brands market themselves and target their customers.