How Augmented Reality is Revolutionizing eCommerce

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How AR is Revolutionizing eCommerce

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It isn’t rare for a shopper to start shopping in one channel and end up purchasing through another. For that, you have to create an appealing digital experience that is seamless across all platforms. By bringing a tangible presence augmented reality bridges you between those gaps in online shopping. The integration of augmented reality in e-commerce helps to solve these dilemmas with product visualization.

The vital role of technology in enhancing online shopper’s results merchants focus on creating a tenacious online experience through an engaging e-commerce platform. Augmented reality allows merchants to offer a more personal as well as cohesive digital experience to change the way of online shopping forever.

Augmented reality is set to revamp the online shopping experience by allowing shoppers to see what they want to buy before any purchase is made. For the both retailers and shoppers augmented reality provides value in these three areas:

Keeps an Engaging Buying Experience

When it comes to online shopping keeping the shoppers engaged throughout the shopping journey is a priority for all retailers. By utilizing the opportunities provided by augmented reality we can keep shoppers engaged in an online store, by providing a venue for visualizing the product where they would end up using it.

Augmented reality technology transforms the experience into a reality leaving behind the shopper’s imagination and interpretation what an item actually feel, at scale. Shopper can visualize how the product would feel like or look like to make shopping with more certainty and satisfaction. AR adds a true value to the shopper when it comes to making a purchase decision.

Personalizing and Modifying Selections

Shoppers often want to see the color and take a look at other options that might be available before making a purchasing decision. Augmented reality makes it easy for shoppers to make individualized modifications with their custom options while shopping online. With augmented reality, shoppers can visualize the home decors and furniture’s they’re looking to buy by changing the color to see how it looks in their home.

Understanding and Visualizing Products and Features

Before heading to the checkout online shoppers want to interact with a product to get an idea of how it works. With the help of animations augmented reality allow shoppers to visualize how complex products like electronics appliances function and work. Merchants can also seamlessly integrate augmented reality into existing app or website for better product visualization to provide value to their shoppers.

Augmented reality paves a new path for the merchants to change the shoppers shopping experience forever. Adding more value in engaging shoppers on retailer’s e-commerce platforms as well as driving in-store traffic, the future of the online shopping experience completely relies on augmented reality.