Advantages Of Augmented Reality Apps In Construction Industry

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AR Apps for Construction Industry

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The mainstream adoption of augmented reality is still in the early stages the applications for the use in construction are still being developed as it has been proven to be beneficial to the industry. The immense potential of augmented reality opens opportunities in enhancing workflow and collaboration in a more visual and immersive way in speeding up the construction process.

Here we take a look at some of the benefits construction industry will reap even though the augmented reality technology is in its infancy.

Real-time Visualization of Projects

AR provides real-time visualization architect, contractor or owner greater insight into the details and design of a project than is currently available with 2D drawings, scale models, and BIM. With the integration of AR, you can view a full-scale model of the building on the display only need to hold up a smartphone with the camera facing the location of the project well.

Enhanced Communication & Collaboration

With augmented reality, project manager, architect or contractor can walk through a construction site and easily view a face of a BIM model on top of as-built construction and compare the two. AR enables instantly take pictures or video record the augmented reality walkthrough and send it to the design team in order to up-to-date the recent changes or other project documentation or any clarification as issues arise.

Increased Safety

AR has the potential to greatly improve safety as it is a top priority on the construction site. With AR it is easy to take a walk to a specific area of construction and having a safety checklist or a recap of that morning’s safety meeting specific to the task at hand pop up on a display along with BIM model of the project.

Projects Delivered On Time & Within Budget

AR creates the most efficient construction when walking through a full-scale BIM model. With AR it is possible to schedule and develop a logistics plan for the site for staging areas, supply and material deliveries, and resource storage.

New technology applications and uses are being developed all the time in the construction industry due to all the possible ways it might be used. Integration of augmented reality in the construction industry is definitely on the rise and is definitely a prominent technology to keep a close eye on.