6 Tips To Improve eCommerce Store Sale This Valentine’s Day

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As Valentine’s Day – the holiday of love, is creeping in closer, many e-commerce retailers are scrambling to put the best e-commerce marketing tools & strategies together to take full advantage of the opportunity. How can you manage your marketing to maximize your share of the online shopping revenue, while meeting the demands of your increasing sales?

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner and you need to manage e-commerce store, to meet your sales goal. As an online retailer, it is imperative to prepare your e-commerce store as early as possible for the grabs for the big revenue pie. To grab the best you must be very strategic on your deals, offers and promotions and lots on this Valentine’s Day marketing.

As the competition is extremely fierce, you have to be more creative and aggressive to stand out and command the attention needed to get a decent percentage of Valentine’s Day sales. Early preparation is one of the most effective things you can do to increase Valentine’s Day sales. However, what can you do for an optimum gain from your e-commerce store?

Here are 6 tips to help you to have a bigger bite of the pie on the 2018 Valentine’s Day sales.

  1. Show real-time notifications of purchases placed by other customers
  2. Display a visible notification pop-up on your e-commerce store, whenever a shopper buys a product. This live pop-up alert of the real-time sales notification helps in increasing a shopper’s trust in buying a product since it shows that other customers are buying it. Convert every traffic as immediate as possible, by displaying a pop-up as an instant social proof from recent shopper’s. This will convert new visitors into buyers, resulting in an increased conversion rate.

  3. Add holiday e-Gift card sharing buttons
  4. Aside from personal purchases, the Valentine’s Day is a high-yielding special day to send gifts to their loved ones. Shoppers are browsing through various e-commerce stores to find the perfect gift for their valentine. Make the shopping easy by allowing your shoppers to directly send the products to their loved ones. Because everyone wants to make their loved ones surprised on Valentine’s Day.In this way, they can surprisingly gift their loved ones without passing through the nerve-racking phase of waiting.

  5. Let every customer be your brand advocates
  6. Another Valentine’s Day marketing tactic you should consider is building a stronger brand for your business using User-Generated Content. Getting shoppers to join actively in building up your advocacy will not only arouse their love and trust towards your brand, but also opens your brand to a much wider pool of potential shoppers. For this Valentine’s Day, host a Valentine contest( photo/ video/ caption) on your Facebook page or Youtube channel or other platforms to get potential traffic from social platforms.

  7. Offer Valentine’s Day gift wrapping and greeting options
  8. Traditionally during the Valentine’s Day, conventional stores offer free gift wrapping service to their customers. This simple add-on service on your e-commerce store during the Valentine’s Day is a very thoughtful way to showcase how you treat the shoppers on their valuable day to gift their loved-ones. Thus, offering your customers to select a gift wrapping with a greeting card in their package is a perfect value-add service for the Valentine’s Day shopping!

  9. Share your Valentine’s Day sale reviews and ratings to your social media pages
  10. For new customers, there’s a high tendency of being skeptical about the quality of the products, and the overall reliability of your online store at first. Most of the customers rely on the opinions and experiences of fellow shoppers before making a purchase that means building your brand credibility is very important. So, showcase customer reviews and ratings by focusing on the best Valentine’s Day feedback and testimonials from your shoppers. And harness the trust of your potential customers to drive new visitors into shoppers.

  11. Launch Google Adwords Ads
  12. Unlike other traditional digital strategies – like social media and SEO that typically take time to pay off, Google Adwords can get almost instant results as long as you do it right. Furthermore, Google Adwords brings an impressive cost per conversion back, because you only have to pay once customers, who are already interested in a specific product like yours, click on your ads and enter your store.

    Remember that every day counts as we are fast approaching the Valentine’s Day. Get started today, so you can achieve your most successful and profitable Valentine’s Day sale!