5 Ways To Boost Your eCommerce Sale With Social Media

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Boost eCommerce Sale With Social Media

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The massive growth of e-commerce world has made it tougher on multiplying traffic to your eCommerce store to stay ahead in the business. Standing out from your competitors is a daunting challenge. Social media is suggested as the best way to reach your target audiences since it helps not only to direct shoppers toward a new product or an attractive deal but also engage with them and create a sense of community. Social media has a measurable impact and your e-commerce sales could be better if you'd just use social media properly.

Here are the 5 ways to promote your e-commerce brands using social media to drive more sales:

Show Off Your Sale

Showcase the pictures of your top deals on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest week in and week out. Include images of the actual product and your price tag, so that shoppers can compare it with other stores they’re considering to shop at. Keeping your deals hidden will reduce the impact of your promotion.

Tweak your e-commerce store strategy with social media to build a trust with your consumers who are looking for the right brand to buy from. Stick a post on your Facebook page showing your sale hours with a link to your sales ad or a post showcasing the deals. It’s essential to make it very easy and visible to your shoppers so that they can plan out their day. Use Social media platforms effectively to establish yourself and your brand as an important voice in the eCommerce industry.

Special Offers

One of the effective ways to increase conversions through social media is to give shoppers an offer they can’t refuse as they can’t get it anywhere else. Coupon offers lets you create special offers through social media ad network. It’s important to give a feeling of exclusivity to each offer you launch on social media.

Shoppers are more likely to take an action if they:

(a) Trust the offer is only valid for a short time.

(b) See that they get the offer only because they follow you on social media. They’re also more likely to continue to remain active on your page if they think they’ll continue to find more exclusive offers.

Use HashTags

Hashtags are an integral part of any social media marketing strategy. If you’re posting deals on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Vine, be sure to include your deals with hashtags and make your deal easily discoverable to shoppers. It’s really important to reach out your shoppers with the use of a hashtag, especially during special days on social media. Also, engage with your shoppers using hashtags that are specially related to relevant keyword or phrase as well.

Share & Pin Your Products

Including social sharing buttons is a must for any e-commerce store that wants to take advantage of the innate social behavior online. While you develop your eCommerce store, make sure you include the sharing buttons to popular social media platforms and they are not hidden away in your store’s theme. Always add a colorful Call-to-Action (CTA) button which stands out in your store that can boost the number of shares which will help you to drive new traffic to your site.

Schedule Your Posts

Schedule posts on social media sites to send out at those early hours to capture the shoppers. Social media engagement is critical to keep any e-commerce store alive and well. So, engage your customers with fun questions like how far they’re driving that day, how warm they need to dress, do they take treats or coffee to enjoy while waiting in the lines outside the store. Smartphone users will often while away the time by looking at social media. You can make use of the tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule posts for your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages.