4 Ways To Improve Mobile App Stability

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Ways To Improve Mobile App Stability

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With thousands of new apps being published, one of the biggest predictors of mobile app success is the app stability. And it’s becoming more and more critical to focus on developing a stable and clutter-free mobile app with ever-evolving technologies. Only a stable app elevates your customer’s perception about your brand along with strengthening the relationship they have with you.

Familiarizing with the most known and common causes of mobile app instability can make your app more stable. And the cold hard truth is your app’s quality and performance impact the bottom line. It’s what will make users decides whether to keep it or not. And crashes especially of the repeated kind, will higher the number of app uninstall and drive your users to run away.

So, whether you’re a brand new or established, a first-timer or a long-timer, you must ensure that your app not only offers the content that users crave but also offers a clutter-free medium. Therefore, making your app into crash-less should be at top of your priority list. Let's take a closer look at the key factors in app quality, and furthermore to deliver a great user experience.

Start With A Stable Programming Infrastructure.

Stability is an essential element of an effective app. No matter how awesome the app features are, if it experiences frequent crashes or slows down with too much information, users will not rely upon your app. So, always ensure that your users can steadfastly make use of the app functions.

In order to keep your mobile app responsive, you need to develop your app on a stable programming infrastructure. Instead of appealing users with your app, try to make apps that are usable and reliable.

Visualize Through Your Customer’s Eyes

Overall user experience is one of the most important factors that decide whether your app is going to succeed or fail. So, understand how the user’s experience is affected by performance issues. Always be aware of the code-level inefficiencies which directly lacks the UI thread as “unresponsive”, resulting in ANR crashes.

To possess high consistency on your app’s user interface, switch heavy processing tasks (for instance, file system accesses, image loading, and network fetch) to the background threads. However, don’t overdo the switching. The key is to keep a balance along with a consistent UI experience.

Get Rid of Over-Complication on Functionality

Having the right set of features in your app is important than being a feature-creep. Rather than building too much functionality into your app, make it very specific as possible. And always get a sense of what kinds of functionality you should be working on, instead of implementing every feature. Because adding too much in your app will directly affect with app’s stability and functionality. There is a fine line needed so, be very specific in function and work entirely inside a set of predetermined boundaries.

However, don’t put too many bells and whistles in your app because too much information can be as frustrating than not providing enough of it. Find this balance and offer an instant gratification by immediately showing the most important or relevant information.

Make It Clean And Clutter-Free Than Chaotic

It’s crucial to make your app clean and clutter-free in order to deliver consistent performance to the users. Keeping your app clean and clutter-free can benefit you and your users greatly. You should also think about making your app stable and easy to navigate by reducing the number of actions a user has to make to get to the information they want. Focusing on to develop a mobile app with top-notch user experience will ensure that your app is well-received.


Luckily, there is a lot you can do to achieve your app’s stability. But the path to improving app stability isn’t always well-lit. However, it's more important to proactively work at breaking through the clutter. Only a stable app will go a very long way with higher user ratings, better rankings, more downloads, higher retention. Always keep an eye on the key factors that matter in app stability, and furthermore, look at ways of improving your app along those dimensions.