10 Libraries You Should Consider For Your Next React Native Project

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Libraries For React Native

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In the paradigm shift of an app-centric lifestyle, every business needs an app that offers an intuitive and contemporary experience to the users. As a result of this, React Native is gaining popularity in Stack overflow’s most loved component libraries each day. The ‘learn once, write everywhere’ approach to React Native makes it into a high-quality cross-platform app development framework.

On its own, React Native is robust, and with the addition of a few great libraries, it becomes even more valuable. And these libraries are easy to wrap and expose onto your projects, GitHub and npm are the places where you can find these open sources React Native libraries. Kickstart your project with React components can be a bit overwhelming and so, here are 10 React component libraries to use.

  1. React Native App Intro
  2. This library is used to ramp up users or make aware them about your application.


    • Users get aware of the complete offering of your application.

    • Quickly wire up basics or even high-end introduction screens for informative onboarding.

  3. React Native Vector Icons
  4. This library is used to adds a significant user experience improvement in your application.


    • Add soothing effect on user's eye and mind.

    • Directly impact how the user understands your application.

    • Supports multiple well-crafted icons to integrate them smoothly in your application.

  5. React Native Push Notification
  6. This library is used for effectively managing any push notification related functionality in your application.


    • Very good support for Local push notifications.

    • Schedule notification, repeat notification based on day, week, time etc.

  7. React Native Share
  8. This library offers cross-platform native support for sharing content within your application.


    • Share component with UI customizations.

    • Enhances channel growth of your application.

  9. React Native Image Progress
  10. This library is used for images to speak in your application.


    • Keep users attach to the screen and gives them a flawless experience.

    • Faster image loading and better impression to the end user.

      Zoom support, onload callback, scale to fit & scroll indicator support.

  11. React Native Communications
  12. This library is used to integrate your React Native app with the native systems (phone calls, push notifications, etc.)


    • Provide a cross-platform solution for placing sending text messages, phone calls, opening web URLs, and composing emails directly from your app.

  13. React Native Google Analytics Bridge
  14. This library is used for Google Analytics to ensure complete tracking of your application.


    • Give you full grip on your analytics dashboard by adding a React Native wrapper around GA’s official SDK.

  15. React Native Navigation
  16. This library allows developers to quickly and easily configure the navigation scheme all from the main app file for the entire application.


    • Centralized navigation.

    • Nested with Stack Navigators, Drawer Navigators, and Tab Navigators.

    • Accommodate both horizontal and vertical navigation structures.

    • Built-in transition animations, flexible header components, and Redux integration capabilities.

  17. React Native Fabric
  18. This library helps React Native developers with pre-launch / post-launch related problems in your application.


    • One of the most powerful and lightweight crash reporting solutions.

    • Pinpoints the cause of the issue.

  19. React Native CodePush
  20. This library is labeled as a lifesaver for developer's library.


    • Without going through the review process of App Store or waiting for the users to update their apps, you can ship changes to an existing application.

    • Enables you to fix bugs on the fly or release features with a lot of flexibility.

Wrapping up

So, these are the libraries most helpful when developing some very basic app components. These awesome React Native libraries are secure, efficient and reliable. So, go on and speed-up your next React Native app development with the help of these libraries and share your comments with us right here.