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Palace Sports & Entertainment may collect personally identifiable and aggregate information about you. Personally identifiable information is any information that can be used to identify, contact or locate you as an individual. Aggregate information is composite information that groups information about you with other individuals. Aggregate information cannot be used to identify individual contact information or track individual purchasing patterns.One Team Us,LLC rendered service for http://pistonslockerroomstore.com website – the conversion of previous website into the Magento eCommerce Platform. To keep records automatically that probably helps a lot to save time and man power.

Our Contributions
Magento eCommerce Implementation:

  • Web design enhancement and technical integration
  • Product representation and system management functions
  • Admin Setup flexibility is an advantage
  • Creativity Design structure implementation
  • Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Magento Admin Features:

  • Easily manage your sales, products, services, customers and reviews
  • Large Number of Products will be arranged and categorized well to avoid confusions
  • Admin Setup allows user to generate Multiple Custom Landing Pages, Easily.
  • Payment method security is highly prioritized
  • SEO friendly and has checkout system functionalities
  • Secure Payment Gateway.