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Klink is a brand new & revolutionary app for all people that enjoy good, cheap drinks! Find your favorite alcoholic drink at the lowest price as Klink automatically searches it’s database to find the closest & cheapest store you can buy your favorite drinks at. Klink & Drink! Shake your iPhone while in the app and Klink will show your favorite drinks price & locate liquor stores near you where you can purchase your favorite drink. Why are you paying more for alcohol? Use Klink now and start saving today!

Klink provides exclusive deals for liquor sales and parties. Users receive Extremely Cheap deals everyday with Klink’s “Deal of the Day”.

For each price you update in a store near you you will earn points that can be used later to exchange for Klink exclusive deals & prizes. For more information, please visit klinkapp.com

Klink is a social network for users that love to have fun & party. Help each other keep Klink updated by uploading cheap liquor prices that way everyone can save more!

Klink is only available in Santa Barbara, CA right now. Klink is coming to a city near you very soon!

Our Contributions

  • Design
  • Development and store submission

Supported Devices

  • iPhone
  • iPad

Development Tools/Environments

  • Xcode, Eclipse
  • JSON