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It was a Thursday afternoon, and a company local to One Team US had their Magento eCommerce site hacked which effectively shut them down for business. Since 80% of their yearly revenue comes between the months of April to August (and it was April) it was imperative that a fix needed to be implemented ASAP.

We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, and then made a decision to do the right thing for our client. .. Even though this customer was not a client of ours at this point, we made the extra effort as we knew just how important the fixes were to their livelihood.

Therefore, we asked our Magento service-delivery team to work over-night hours and extra shifts to make sure that our client could start doing business again. The result, within a 24 hour period, the client’s site was up and running and available to take payments again. Down-time was minimized due to our Magento expertise

Business Problem:

  • Google marked our client’s site as suspicious and blocked users from accessing it. This effectively made the site “off-limits to all users”. Since this business is primarily a cyber-business, the company was essentially completely shut- down. Other items which needed attention included:
  • Shopping cart was no longer functioning. Users were not able to modify quantity or place a full order.
  • If an order did go through, no notification was being sent to the business to let them know there was a pending order.

How One Team US Solved those Challenges:

  • Working through the night and into the next day, our teams, which included Webmasters and System Administrators, worked directly with Google and removed the site from the suspicious list. 
  • Updated site to the latest version of Magento, a leading e-commerce solution. 
  • Performed virus scans with major anti-malware packages and implemented new security protocol and implemented security patches
  • The effective resource utilization and round-the-clock coordination between our 24/7 teams resulted in faster completion of the emergency service.

One Team US is a leading eCommerce implementation and maintenance firm with a specialty practice in Magento among other eCommerce platforms.