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Get something off your chest or praise a great interaction. Bad service, great book, unhappy with a politician, love a company? Organize a movement? Anything you want. What makes you chjeer?

Create on-the-spot reviews/ratings of experiences or interactions that you have had. Whether you loved or hated the experience, make your voice heard. Whether you want to cheer an interaction (exceptional service at your local coffee shop by using the “Nearby places” button or jeer an experience (cable guy is late for your in home service appointment by using the “I’m at home” button – “What makes you chjeer?”

Create a rating and comment on almost anything you want (people in the public eye, entertainment, companies, charities/causes, you name it).

Join a community of others who have rated the same things you have to join in the discussion, add comments and take action if you want. These communities are user driven. You have the control over which communities you want to join. Organize a movement, voice your opinion, change the world, or just have fun with others with similar interests and experiences in real time.

Review all of your past reviews/ratings. See if your experiences have changed over time. Decide what ones to add to your communities. Maybe you want to add your favorite TV show to your communities, but not an experience at the local coffee shop; the choice is yours!

See what others have said about virtually anything. Wondering what people are saying about a new restaurant? How do people like a new movie or show? Is a new charity worthwhile? The possibilities are endless.