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Canvass Manager is a door to door sales app helping the guys on the field report their sales without any paperwork. It also reduces errors and the processing time and in turn helps the company to maximize profit.

App Overview

Canvass Manager is a mobile application that allows those working in ‘door-to door sales” environments to track, edit, and create new information surrounding specific addresses, leads and clients. This app will help reduce the errors caused by the sales guys on the field and also improve the turnaround time for the companies to turn their leads to final sales. It helps the companies to track the working hours of sales people on the field and get maximum results from the sales force.


  • Due to the large database of addresses, the search was slow
  • The search had to be arranged in ascending, or descending and even or odd
  • Make the app work in offline mode
  • Integrating the app to their internal system
  • The report section in CMS was a bit tough to integrate.

How we solved those challenges

  • Data handling issues solved with the help of server team from both the ends
  • Search with all the ascending, descending and even and odd took a bit of research from the dev team.
  • Integration of the app to their internal system needed lot of coordination work from the app team, the CMS team and the clients IT divisions.
  • The report section needed lot of study of their business needs.

The result

  • Simple and user friendly app.
  • As per client request, design and Development team made sure that the app’s experience stayed simple and interesting. We were particularly selective in choosing colors, fonts and typography
  • Strong backend configurations– Our backend team was very efficient to cater to all the client needs and make the app very efficient and fast for the purpose it was meant for
  • Project Quality– The team handled the project as per the client’s expectations. The client was very trilled to see the app working in both android and iOS version. The accuracy of the app in pulling the addresses specially, was very well appreciated.