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9to9 Web Clinic Project Overview

Getting a doctor’s appointment at our convenience and driving to the doctor and waiting at the doctor’s office when you are sick is a nightmare we all have faced. We all have wished for a doctor to care for us without living the comfort of our homes. This is where 9to9 web clinic was born. Main idea to provide affordable healthcare to patients with needs without living there comfort zone. The patient can consult a doctor using a PC or from his iphone or ipad at his convenience.

The Problem

As 9to9 web clinic is a service provider helping patients to reach the doctor and doctor to reach the patients from the comfort of their homes, there was lot of integration needed to connect and to keep it connected between the two parties. Due to market demands and due to third party involvements lot of requirements collected during the initial days kept on changing. With the changes came the design changes too, which was hard on the developers.

The Challenge

To connect and to keep the connection up with perfect audio and video every time a call is made. There were lot of third party integrations involved. It was a lot of challenge to make them all work simultaneously in a timely manner. We had to be in constant touch with each third party technical team to customize few options as it was a unique app.

Our Contributions

  • One To One Video Conference Functionality
  • Monthly/Quarterly/ Yearly Subscription payment functionality
  • HIPPA eCommerce Compliance
  • Push Notifications
  • Mobile App Development
  • ePrescription Integrated
  • Stripe payment integration

The Result

A Patient-Doctor Online Consultation Portal/App with subscription based payments. A patient can consult a doctor and a doctor can give affordable and comforting care from the comfort of their homes.

Web Portal: https://www.9to9webclinic.com/