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Smart Device


Accelerate your electronic product development. We take on portions of your product development to supplement your existing resources. We apply our expertise in software development, circuit design, PCB design, and mechanical design to deliver what you expect.

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Hardware Design

With the implementation of new technologies, the hardware part of the device is bound to be more complex. But the essence of efficient hardware design is to make it look highly sophisticated while having a compact and easy-to-go appearance. Our hardware design professional experts create devices that not just embrace technology, but do so with elegance.

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Software & System Developments

We are in the brink of yet another great era of development and transformation - the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Unlike the other three industrial revolutions, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is taking a step further by modifying digitization through connecting IoT, AI, automation, electronics devices, sensors, etc. If we had just "devices" a few years back, today we have "smart devices". Smart devices are the concept that arouses when devices used the latest technological developments including the cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), AI (Artificial Intelligence), etc. to bring to life in them to work for humanity in a smart, intelligent and automated way. Here’s the best example from One Team – Smart Mooring.

Smart Mooring - the all-new way to stay connected while on the seas.
When you are travelling by water, the boat or ship on which you travel on will have to halt and dock at several ports. And since each country or place has their own mobile service provider, it might be difficult for you to stay connected - after all, the internet's the one thing today that helps us all stay connected. Smart Mooring helps one achieve just that. With an innovative idea of turning buoys and moorings into smart devices with the integration of the mesh Wi-Fi Nautical, people on the boats and ships sailing on the seas will be able to avail internet services while they dock at the ports and islands.

Areas of Focus

Combining digitalization, automation and security we now have “Smart devices” instead of just devices. And, Smart Mooring is just the best example of what smart devices can provide:

Connectivity when you need it

Ease of use

Effective use of IoT


Machine-to-machine communication

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Software Development

Software plays a huge part in the revolution brought about by smart devices and modern technologies. Every device helps to improve human life by services like automation or AI with the help of software. Every software code might be done in any of the programming languages such as C or C++, Dot Net, Java, etc designed and developed line-by-line.

Software development goes through a series of steps or process that starts with planning, designing, development of the code, testing, bug fixing and maintenance. By evolving with and incorporating the changing demands of technological developments, One Team has the perfect software development solutions that create "smart software" and not just any software.

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Mobile app Development and IoT

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Take a look at the Google play store, we might find mobile applications for almost everything, from booking cabs, controlling our televisions, ordering food, taking care of our health, etc. Thus, we can see the impact of mobile applications has on each of our lives. If we take a closer look at all these apps, we will understand that all these help us to stay connected always.

Leveraging the latest developments in IoT and combining it with mobile application development, One Team is now creating mobile apps that will help you stay connected with all the devices you want, when you want it, and where you want it. Connect with us today to explore the endless possibilities of mobile app development and IoT together.

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Smart Mooring Systems

The “Smart Device” In Smart Mooring, the buoy (or Smart buoy), each mooring is connected to its parent Smart Buoy Relay Station, will act as the hub and will provide internet via Wi-Fi to the moorings and nearby users through GSM - the moorings and the relay stations together will create a Mesh Wi-Fi network that enables easy internet access. It will also transmit data to the cloud regarding the monitoring service that monitors the status of the equipment and also the cameras that watch over the boats. The future phases of this smart device will include sensors on moorings that will be able to provide more environmental data.

Connecting to the Mooring Wi-Fi via a website or mobile application - Users can easily connect with the Wi-Fi network through the Smart Mooring mobile application or website. As the user's phone enters the network, they would be prompted to connect to the Wi-Fi by either through an app notification through a pop-up on the web browser. If it’s via the web browser, then the user would be encouraged to download the app (user can purchase the internet time on the website to continue) and if it’s via the app, then the user will have the option to pay for the Wi-Fi time on the app.You can check for availability and the location for Docking on the website to which such information will be consistently updated.

Areas of Focus

Salient features of Smart Mooring smart device: (Instead of Areas of Focus)

Easy connectivity to the internet

Accessibility - through mobile application or website


The easier process to find a spot to dock the boat or ship

Enhanced security features



A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is an electronic device's heart. It mechanically supports and electrically connects the electric components of an electronic device. Hence, its importance when it comes to smart device creation as well. At One Team, we have an expert team that specialises in PCB assembly.



The box build assembly process depends on the project and can vary from simply placing a Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) inside an enclosure to more complex ones that include connecting a PCBA to a user interface display. Whatever is the complexity, the team from One Team is all set to meet your requirements in a box build mechanical assembly.


Testing/ Test Automation

Starting from planning, designing and developing, every finished hardware device or product goes through various processes and stages. But, the finished product need not be without flaws or bugs as we know it. This is where hardware testing or hardware test automation comes into play.

Knowing the importance of this one stage, at One Team, we have the best team who perfects the testing process. We are also in a continuous process of developing tools and software that can make the hardware testing process efficient and error-free by automating it.

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