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Solutions for doctors, device manufacturers, IT & medical suppliers.

Doctors and device manufacturers need to generate incremental revenue, differentiate themselves, increase loyalty and reduce costs. Our products and services deliver results.

Over the past 5 years our team has worked with doctors and device manufacturers all over the world to design strategies and develop products and services that drive adoption and generate results. Our technology and solutions have a proven track record with global clients

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Solutions to mobilise and improve the efficiency of your workforce.
Golden Gekko provides enterprise mobility solutions for Agriculture, Education, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, IT, NGOs, Operators, Public Sector/Government and more and for clients like European Directories, O2, Bausch + Lomb, Accenture, Artificial Solutions, MTG, Deltek, Maconomy.

According to IDC mobile workers surpassed 1 Bn in 2010 and will grow to 1.3 Bn by 2015. Today enterprises are experiencing the benefits of a mobile workforce but few know what lies ahead. One certainty is that the next generation of wireless products and services must provide a flexible platform to expand mobile workforce applications for the latest smartphones, tablets, iPads, future devices and innovative services.

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Retail & FMCG

Solutions for retailers, fashion brands, FMCG, restaurants & luxury goods.
According to the latest statistics by Nielsen, 89% of consumer media time is spent on mobile apps, and only 11% on mobile web. Customers will discover your brand, browse through your products, get offers, purchase products and get customer care through their mobile. Mobile internet usage is projected to overtake desktop internet usage before the end of 2014 so you need to get your mobile platform in place now.

Golden Gekko delivers products & services for some of the worlds leading FMCGs and retailers, such as Unilever, Cadbury, Heineken, Jack Daniel's, Absolut Vodka, Arla, Coca Cola, Ikea, Nestlé, Perfetti, Shell, P&G, H&M, Nike, Sara Lee, Pernot Ricard and Mango. We consider mobile a future business critical channel for which brands need to build a future proof platform and not just one-off campaigns.

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mHealth solutions to promote, educate, treat & improve health care quality.

According to a recent study by PWC, 41% of patients would prefer to have more care delivered via a mobile device and 31% of consumers are willing to incorporate an application into their existing mobile phones to be able track and monitor their personal health information. 40% of physicians said they could reduce the number of office visits by 11% to 30% by using mobile health technologies like remote monitoring, email or text messaging with patients. Furthermore, findings from the HIMSS Mobile Technology Survey states that 80% of physicians are using mobile technology to provide patient care while ERCI concludes that 44 million mobile health applications will be downloaded this year, and about 142 million will be downloaded in 2016.

Golden Gekko clients in mHealth solutions include Novartis, Glaxo Smith Kline, O2 Health.

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Solutions to promote, engage, sell and manage automotive customers.

The automotive industry have been pioneers and innovators both on the web and in mobile. Mobile services to date range from signing up for a test drives via SMS, engaging with posters via QR codes and augmented reality, test driving cars in mobile games, viewing the exterior and interior in 3D, car configurators, browsing/buying used cars and, most recently, communicating with and controlling your car using the mobile.

Golden Gekko clients in mobile solutions for the automotive industry include Mini, Shell, Toyota, Vodafone Mc Laren, Audi, Mercedes Petronas, Volkswagen.

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Solutions for airlines, airports, hotels, booking sites and everything related to travel.

Customers expect to be able to discover, book, change, be notified of changes, access booking details and share travel details with friends wherever and whenever. Whether they access travel services from home, work, while on the move or during travel, they expect instant service that is optimised for each platform. During the past 7 years Golden Gekko has been providing some of the most advanced trip planner app services to the biggest airports, hotels and travel organisers in the world.

Golden Gekko clients in  mobile solutions for the travel industry include Heathrow Airport, Southampton Airport, Glasgow Airport, Edinburgh Airport, Aberdeen Airport, Heathrow Airport, Barcelona by Us, Agencia Catalana de Turisme.

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Solutions to drive adaptation of mcommerce, mbanking, payments & information.

The finance industry was one of the first industries to adopt mobile, with the first mobile banking services using WAP implemented in 2000. Since then mobile finance adoption, and especially mbanking, has exploded. Pew Research Center, Federal Reserve, has stated that nearly 20% of mobile owners used mobile phone banking within the past 12 months. Yankee Group states that currently, 27% of all survey respondents use banking and predicts that there will be 500 million m-banking users globally by 2015, while Juniper predicts that mobile banking users will exceed 1 billion in 2017, Representing 15% of Global Mobile Subscribers.

Golden Gekko clients in mobile solutions for the Finance include BBVA, Visa, Vodafone, Bloomberg, Reuters.

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Solutions for mobile media & social delivered anywhere in the world.

The world of media has become truly complex with new formats, social networks, richer content, customer demand and technology evolving faster than ever. InMobi reports that 60% of internet access is now mostly mobile, clocking up a total average of 6 hours a day with 71% of users accessing social media from a mobile device. On average, users currently spend 4 times as much time accessing media through apps than mobile websites and up to 10 times more with social.

This being said, how should you deliver across the mobile channel in a cost efficient and future proof way? Golden Gekko has years of experience delivering mobile solutions to media organisations, such as the BBC, Bloomberg, Al Jazeera, Reuters and Fashion TV, the biggest film studios in the world, including Universal Pictures, Paramount and Disney, as well as local media and social networks. Our objective is to offer solutions that will serve almost any media brand by building on existing platforms and experience. You will benefit from our work with the leading media organisations in the world while localizing your customised service in whatever language or format you need.

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