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Developed and upgraded current business practices utilizing fix location access primary based on Microsoft Access. The objective is to provide a modern platform in which management, employees, and clients have a more seamless and expandable platform in which to handle core business functionality. In additional to core functionality, We also provided a focus on improving business processes, expanding capacity allowing new revenue opportunities, and enabling secure, auditable access even when remote.

Current Challenges

  • Over 20 years of data exists has overwhelmed the current system and stifled business productivity. As the systems grows, data will increase exponentially and the current method of data management has become too inefficient to operate effectively, thus constraining business growth.
  • The current MS Access System is customized to fit a previous Business user's needs from many years ago. The need to migrate to a cost-modern and more functional data base system with data analytics capabilities are paramount to achieving a modern business enterprise.
  • The need to achieve transparent access for data capture, to analyze, move, store and communicate in a timely fashion.
  • The need to increase accuracy and flexibility in equipment that's used for calibration in critical lab reports.
  • Staff is currently unable to locate and correct specific data in a timely fashion.
  • Too much time is being spent on quality control and updating data repetitively. There is a need to eliminate redundancy within the current system.
  • The need to improve cash flow by reducing billing cycle time into a more seamless and automated process
  • The need to reduce cycle time for drivers to submit daily reports and enhance job satisfaction.
  • Key clients have stated a desire for more digitally enabled vendors.
  • The need to increase time for business development activities to grow revenue and expand the client base in a seamless fashion can be achieved with this proposed system.

Project Objectives

Anytime you're dealing with legacy data and localized reporting solutions you will always run into hurdles as time goes on. This is inherent in any system you end up building upon where long-term future growth and expansion was not a key component in the original design. Speed of implementation, flexibility, and end user customization was. Quite simply, long-term solutions were just not available 10+ years ago, which is why Excel and Microsoft Access is so pervasive throughout the business world. We have developed the solution and provide the following:

  • Provide a cost-effective consolidation to a modern and functional database system
  • Transparent access to data to capture, analyze, move, store and communicate in a timely fashion
  • Increased accuracy and flexibility in equipment that's used for calibration in critical lab reports
  • Security and access controls built in
  • Implementation and cost-effective project ROI
  • Improve cash flow by reducing billing cycle time into a more seamless and automated process
  • Reduce cycle time for drivers to complete daily reports and enhancing their job satisfaction
  • Enhance image with digitally demanding client base that desires more digitally enabled vendors
  • Create more time for business development activities to grow revenue and expand the client base

Solution Implemented

Transitioned from a localized Microsoft Access platform to a more modern standard using a front end UI (Bootstrap 3.0 Corporate Interface) connected to an independent backend Database (Microsoft Azure SQL).

  • Microsoft Azure secure cloud services are the perfect place to house solutions such as these ensuring data is secure to government standards at all times, auditable, backed-up, easily expanded, and will maintain cost-effectiveness down the road.
  • Microsoft .NET front end utilizing current Bootstrap template technologies that allow rapid and cost-effective deployment along with thousands of tools for onscreen reporting, graphs, charts, and complex information display options without requiring complex coding from scratch.


  • Full Customized Ad Hoc Reporting that allows any authorized user with minimal trailing to generate new reports that have not been created before and do not require programming knowledge of any kind.
  • Allows multiple people to work on different data imports and reporting at the same time without interfering or confusion.
  • Runs on virtually any programming language
  • Quick, cost-effective project rollouts
  • Streamlined data access
  • Fast and flexible template design
  • Significant time savings through reusable elements


  • Industry standard, flexible .NET Front End website, utilizing a responsive Bootstrap template that allow full featured options from anything from a mobile phone, to a tablet, to a full screen web browser.
  • The front end will be developed with the ability to adapt to Business User needs while using the latest modern technologies and responsive mechanics. Optional features can include:
    • Voice Command: By utilizing cutting edge APIs, Business Users have the ability to run reports using Voice Commands.
    • Colorblind Accessibility: Supports colorblind accessibility, as well as, aids Users with; Protanomaly, Deuteranopia, Tritanopia, and Achromatopsia symptoms.
    • Customization: The front-end layout is easily customizable. Depending on business preferences, changes and adjustments can be made to the layout.


  • By utilizing the cloud, data will be able to move in and out of any department securely and quickly.
  • Create a central, unified data structure that is cost-effective and efficient. In so doing, redundancy that is encountered within the current system will be significantly decreased.
  • By creating a web or .net front end site, Users will be able to customize their own data display. This will eliminate confusion during management and staffing transitions and facilitate Users in locating the specific data needed.
  • By incorporating User role logic, the new data system will have the ability to drive the reports; instead of the User.

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